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The Run for Home’s (Troublesome) Race Kit Claiming Process

Claiming of race kits for Run for Home started yesterday and to describe the process in one word it would be “manual.”  Ironically, a race of this scale coming from some of the country’s largest company would have easily the most complicated, cumbersome, and annoying registration and kit claiming process.  I’ve already expressed my concern about their not-so-clear registration process, and now I’ll focus on the race kit claiming process.

Issue #1: Manual

Like our past elections, claiming your race kit is entirely manual.  When you registered you were given a claim stub with a control number.  Of course you’d expect that this control number is already associated with your information from the registration form on their system—wrong.  When I arrived I was surprised that the people manning their booths didn’t have any reference whatsoever of your registration information except for thick stack of paper documents.  They had to ask you to write down your name, distance to run, and singlet size at the back of the claim stub for them to look it up.  This is fine if you’re just claiming your own kit, but in my case I was claiming for three more people of various singlet sizes and distances.  If they knew that they won’t be using their records they should’ve written on the claim stub this information, or at least asked us to write it down.  And if they intended to really use those records why didn’t they since they have all the resources in their own backyard?

Issue #2: Queues

Different queues for different registration centers (Globe Business Centers, Fitness First, and Runnr).  While this may be good if you’re claiming a single kit, claiming for several people who registered on different sites requires you to line up on two different queues which was of course very inconvenient, considering that the claiming area is open air and it’s rainy season.  Aside from that you’ll have to queue up for another line to claim your P300 call card (for non-Business Center registrants).

Issue #3: S.O.P.

Standard Operating Procedures. When you put people on post they should know what they should do.  I lined up for a queue dedicated for non-Business Center registrants where aside from the race kit they should also issue a P300 call card claim stub.  This was for the P300 payment we issued on the partner establishments.  If I hadn’t noticed one of my buddies having this stub I wouldn’t have known about it so I had to return to the same queue and ask for it (and yes, queue up again to claim the call card).  Since everyone in that queue should have one, why should there be a case like this?  If I didn’t notice that there would be a call card, would they be honest enough to inform me afterwards?

Overall this had been the most troublesome and complicated registration and kit claiming process I’ve ever had.  Now I appreciate the slow but simple and straight-forward process of other races—and I didn’t even mention about the online registration process!  Overall this race I could say was plagued with bad execution of otherwise good intention.  Their registration process was anything but clear and concise with a lot of room for misinterpretation, and the kit claiming process was worse.  Yes, this race can lay claim to having the first electronic timing chip but unfortunately the pre-race processes really ruins the entire experience.  I sure hope that these troubles stop right here and not affect the actual race itself.


Fitness First or Runnr Registrants
Make sure that you line up in the right queue and make sure that you receive your P300 call card claim stub.  Those that registered in Globe Business Centers already had their P300 credits loaded so only those that registered elsewhere has this call card to claim.

Online Registrants
If you were charged more than P300 you could ask the organizers for a refund of the excess amount.  Also, make sure that the registration fee was charged to your card.  There had been a case where the fee was not billed for some reason so that person was unfortunately not registered.

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