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MultiSport Philippines FREE at Your Doorsteps via Runners’ Runner

MultiSport Philippines is a free magazine for running, cycling and swimming enthusiasts and its issues are conveniently found in many sports-oriented stores and fitness centers.  Aside from being free, did you know that now you can have it delivered at your doorsteps absolutely free?

MultiSport Philippines June 2011 issue with Drew Arellano on the cover (Courtesy MultiSport Philippines)

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MultiSport Philippines May Edition

May is practically over, I know, but I just had my hands on a copy of the May issue of MultiSport Philippines.

MultiSport Philippines shines the spotlight on coaches for this month. Three of the Philippines' best swim, bike, and run coaches Miguel Lopez, Patrick Joson, and Guy Concepcion grace the cover of MultiSport Philippines May issue. (Courtesy MultiSport Philippines)

So what’s so special about this issue?  Well nothing really, it’s just nice to see myself along with some other friends inside this issue, but this time around I’m seen not as a runner, but a blogger!  Needless to say I really need to get back into running as I’m seen more often during media launches than races! 😕

Top: Press launch of the Iberet Active 101 Swim Bike Run series

Weather I like it or not, June is just around the corner, and that’s when I should start my “training.” 😀

MultiSport Philippines is a free magazine available in sports-oriented shops nationwide.


101 Swim Bike Run: The MultiSport Series

Running no longer enough for you?  Or do you seek to join the world of multisports?  MultiSport Philippines will be conducting free seminars about biking, swimming, and running in various places around the Metro where you can learn about the correct technique, injury prevention, proper nutrition, heart rate training, and more from the country’s premiere coaches.

101 Swim Bike Run

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