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Two Weeks

It had been a crazy last two weeks for the running community and the country as a whole so a lot of plans made during the period were either deferred or simply scrapped.  Before we knew it, we’re counting down the days to the major international marathons like the QCIM (next Sunday) and SIM (the weekend following QCIM), and of course the adidas King of the Road.

Running Updates

Three major races are coming our way the next two weeks: the Quezon City International Marathon on Sunday (October 18, 2009), the Subic International Marathon the following weekend (42K on Saturday afternoon, October 24, 2009 and side events the following day), and the adidas King of the Road on October 25, 2009.  Any of these three should give runners of all levels their running fix and if you want to spice it up a bit you can do all three (if you do 42K on SIM you may still be able to return to Manila in time for KOTR).  These three remains unaffected by the past typhoons and on a positive note, QCIM no longer impose the late registration fees.

Site Updates

Being away from running gave me some time to do some site tweaks and if you haven’t noticed my header was updated (in the midst of the pouring rain that was “Ondoy”).  My blogroll was also moved to have its own page (see Blogs and Links) now including more runner’s blog and links to running clinics and running-related sites.  Lastly, if you’ve been missing my “Upcoming Races” list on the right it’s temporarily tucked away for a while because of all the rescheduling of races that has been happening.  For a broader list of postponed or cancelled races visit


Subic International Marathon 101

1of 3 international marathons being staged in the country this last quarter of the year and the only one outside Metro Manila is the Subic International Marathon (SIM).  One unique feature of this race is that the full marathon would be held on a Saturday afternoon, on October 24, 2009 at 4PM.  A sunset marathon? It starts at SCTEX Floridablanca Toll Plaza and ends at Remy Field, Subic Bay.  Side events are staged the following Sunday morning.

Sealed SIM race kit as I received it

0, zip, nada—no timing chips for this race though.  The race packet was virtually empty as it contained only the race bib and safety pins—no race route, no flyers, nothing!  At least the kit comes with a nice singlet though.

The front side of the SIM race singlet

Back view of the singlet

1of the most prestigious marathons in the Philippines as claimed by SIM, this is one local marathon one shouldn’t miss!  Despite the “manual” system of timing the uniqueness of running on a Saturday afternoon away from the hustles and bustles of the city plus a chance to run on the SCTEX itself makes this race its distinct from a “typical” marathon.  Subic here we come!

101: This is not a vanity number, I got it by mere coincidence (must be a sign of something good)

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