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When Registration is No Longer a Habit

Greenfield was one of the races I didn’t expect to join primarily because of its distance from home, but because of the free shuttle service I no longer have any excuse why I’d miss this race, and I don’t want to.  Running in an area I haven’t been is pretty exciting and the shuttle ride to Greenfield is a new experience for me.

To avail of the free shuttle service you have to surrender your race packet (except your singlet) to Nike Bonifacio High Street where they’d give you a shuttle pass that doubles as your claim stub.  Since I’d be availing of this service I decided to register personally on this store instead of doing it online via

Greenfield Shuttle Pass

Greenfield Shuttle Pass: this became of my race packet. At least I won’t forget it on race day.

It had been a long time since I last registered for a race (remember my Condura Race story?), in fact the last race I personally registered for was with The Happy Run way back January.  Back then I’m used to registering early, usually within the first two weeks of the start of registration, so now after quite some time the process is no longer a habit for me, thus the start of my Greenfield registration story.

Last night there I was going to BHS to register myself for the race.  I kept reminding myself that I should go to Nike and not the usual R.O.X., my feet were unconsciously programmed to go there for registration.  So there I was inside Nike store, asked the friendly staff for a registration form, filled it up, and when I asked how much the tab is, “P700.”  Whaaaat? Of course I got used to registering for “short” races that normally falls between P250-P350 that I forgot 21K races are more expensive than shorter ones!  My last 21K race was “sponsored” so it didn’t really register on my mind how much it cost.  (Isn’t it weird that the longer you run the higher the fee is?  Are races metered like taxis?)

Since in my mind I’d only shell out less than P500 I didn’t bring along much cash.  I was a bit shy to tell the staff that I’ll be right back to go fetch some cash (thankfully an ATM was located nearby) since it’s the only mode of payment (I asked anyway if a debit card is accepted just in case).  So I had to run all the way to the ATM and back to the store to pay for the “damages.”  Dyahe talaga!

In the end it was actually only P600 for the registration, more expensive than the “early birds” since it’s the last week prior to the race (the staff looked at the fee on race day, an honest mistake).  It was a bit “shocking” for my budget that day but a runner does have his bills to pay.  This was one of those rare moments that I register late so I had to pay extra for it, but then again an extra fee for an extra service (free shuttle) and the promise of a good race from Runrio on a new location—it was well worth it.  I can’t wait to see Greenfields!

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