About runningpinoy

It was 2008, the year I started with my second job.  Coming from the public sector (my first job), it was my first time to get to know “work-life balance.”  Suddenly, I had more time to pursue things other than work!

Sometime in the third quarter, a colleague invited us to join a fun run called the “Miracle Run.”  It was a two-person 10K relay and it was a fundraiser for a charitable foundation.  And you get a really nice shirt when you register!  Getting something while also contributing to a good cause sounded good to us and so we signed up for our first race.

Realizing that running is fun, aside from being a great exercise, we craved for more!  Social media did not exist yet so you’ll have to search the wilderness of cyberspace for these events.  And with no practical means of remembering and sharing these events to friends and colleagues, I decided to create my own blog.  Thus, runningpinoy was born.

I also had a board in my work area where I placed event posters and registration forms to encourage colleagues to sign up!

Each completed race was an achievement.  Each one brought its own set of euphoria.  The strong desire to share these experiences and encourage more people into running eventually transformed the online events board into an online journal—a blog.  The overflow of endorphins after each achievement was overwhelming, thus needing to be released—in this case through writing.

More than a decade later, this blog continues its purpose in sharing events and documenting my experiences.  It has seen a lot during its lifetime (even its better days) and as long as I’m able and there’s something interesting worth sharing, it shall continue.

I am Dennis and I am a running Pinoy.  Welcome and thank you for reading about my journey!

Dennis is an IT professional and since 2008 has completed races ranging from 5K to 102K, from roads to trails, including some obstacle courses.