Dennis, also known online as runningpinoy, used to be a typical, sedentary, IT person until he got bored in his cube and started running… and rediscovered the world around him, outside his cube.

He started running as a past time, but after running a few races he found himself addicted to it, joining just about every race that comes around.  It started with a “Miracle,” and the rest as they say is history.  Now he’s off for more, gaining new friends along the way, and inspiring others to get off their butt and start running.  Different routes, different times, and different adventures each time.  As long as there is a race, there’s always something new to discover.  He used to dream or running alongside “real” marathoners, and then one day he was living his dream.  He even got a chance to become an ultramarathoner himself—all these in less than a year since he started.  He just stopped dreaming and started to run towards his dreams.

What lies ahead?  He also doesn’t know.  Run as long as there’s a chance, and who knows where your feet will take you next…

* * *

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