Mirador Heritage and Eco Park

Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spirituality Park is one of the latest attractions in the city of Baguio which I had the chance to visit last February.  Read on to see what to expect.

In a true runner fashion, we “ran” to Mirador early morning to catch the sunrise.  Quotes on the run as the route we took had some steep gradients, so it was a 2K that felt like a 5K which we walked for the most part.  The park is located beside the Lourdes Grotto so it was very easy to find.  For those not keen on walking or running, public transportation to the area is widely available.  Parking is also available for those driving.

Tip: Have a photo of the map of the park from the entrance (or download the one below) to make it easier to navigate around and ensure you don’t miss a spot!

Map of Mirador Heritage and Eco-Spirituality Park

After paying the entrance fee of ₱100 at the entrance, the path quickly lead you to one of the park’s notable landmarks, the Mirador Peace Memorials.  It is set on a platform with an amazing background so it’s no surprise people want their photos taken here.  It’s probably best to take your pictures here in the morning or around sunset to avoid the sun behind you.  From here, you have a variety of trails going down that takes you to other parts of the park.  They can be very confusing as there aren’t that many signages around so it’s nice that we took a photo of the park’s map upon entry to help us find the attractions.

It was fairly easy for us to find the Blue Moon Gate and La Sorta Gardens, but it was the opposite for the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove. It took several times going up and down different trails, sometimes ending up in a closed area before we figured out how to get there. The key for us was to look for the basketball court, where the restrooms were also located. From here, the trail was much easier to follow from here.

As of now, parts of the trails can be a challenge for those with challenges walking but on the good side, all opened trails have handrails at least on one side for added safety.  If you encounter areas with cordons or lacking handrails, do not enter as it may still be under construction and may be unsafe.

You’re expected to exit the park at the bamboo grove as it’s the lowest part of the park, elevation-wise, but no one will restrict you should you prefer to exit back at the top, which we did.  If you plan to visit the grotto, I think this is the best option as it’s much closer. Otherwise, it’s also the shorter route to the road if you didn’t park as it’s close to the stairs going down.

Overall, I really love this new attraction in the city.  The views are amazing, a lot of unique attractions that can be a feast for social media, and it’s easy to get to.  I hope to see it further improve with more signages to help you go to places you want to go (without getting lost in all the trails), and accessibility to more areas for those with walking impediments.

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