2021 Races

Here are some of the races coming up in the Philippines (and beyond).  Note that runningpinoy.com does NOT earn any commission on any of the links below and listing on this page does NOT constitute endorsement or affiliation.

Last updated July 21, 2021.


Jan 01 – Dec 31

ACES Virtual Run Series ALL IN
2,000K, 1,000K, 400K, 200K


Jun 18 – Dec 31

SCORE Conquer the Islands Series Challenge – Okinawa Island
476K, 200K, 100K, 30K, 10K


Jul 10 – Aug 08

Jul 26 – Sep 30

Jurassic World Run
21K, 10K, 5K


Sep 20 – Oct 20


🏃 Run
🚴 Bike
🏊 Swim

🚧 Obstacle
🌄 Trail Run
🏬 Vertical Run

🌐 Virtual
🧮 Cumulative
1️⃣ Single

For corrections or race announcements, you may reach me through the following social media accounts:

Or use the form below to send your comments.  All comments sent through this page will not be publicized.

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