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runningpinoy’s 2009 Midyear Report

2009 is my first full year of running and with the first half completed its time to have a look back at some of my highlights for the first six months of the year.


The year started with “bi-polar” races: one was well praised and the other went in infamy.  Of course I’m referring to TNF Thrill of the Trail in Nasugbu, Batangas and PSE Bull Run in Bonifacio Global City, respectively.  While people can’t stop being enthusiastic about their wonderful experience with the trails of Batulao and the race overall (including myself), it was the complete opposite on the other side of the track—I’ve never heard of so much complaints about a race and it probably had the record of the longest queue at the finish.

Thrill of the Trail, Nasugbu, Batangas

The following weekend race was probably redemption for a lot of runners with the Happy Run—another RunRio event that was one of the most organized and fun race of the year thus far.

With some happy runners

It was also during this month that I acquired my Garmin 405—just a day before we were off for Batangas for the TNF Thrill of the Trails where it had an excellent stage for a debut.  Also having a debut on this race was my first trail shoes, New Balance 811.

Garmin Forerunner® 405

Garmin Forerunner® 405


February was the first month since I started running that I had zero races.  This was the first of two months that I was in Ohio, USA and in spite of being race-less I was not run-less: the below freezing temperature wasn’t enough to stop me from running outdoors—an experience that I suggest everyone try at least once in their lives.  While I was “chilling” on the other side of the world the race scene in the Philippines ensued the love month.  There wasn’t much high-profile races for this month making my craving for races more bearable.

My winter gear: a runner’s beanie, windbreaker with regular white cotton t-shirt, pair of gloves, thermal tights, cushioned socks, and trail running shoes

My winter gear: a runner’s beanie, windbreaker with regular white cotton t-shirt, pair of gloves, thermal tights, cushioned socks, and trail running shoes

Before leaving for the US I managed to have my first LSD (Long Slow Distance) run along one of the dreaded routes in the Metro—EDSA, from North Ave. all the way to the SM Mall of Asia grounds.

After finishing my EDSA LSD

After finishing my EDSA LSD


By the time race season was starting in the US due to the arrival of spring I was unfortunate enough to be packing my bags for home thereby missing the opportunity to participate in races stateside, but on the bright side I was back for one of the most anticipated races of the year—Condura Run.  This race was one of the rare opportunities to run on the SkyWay and was also my first half-marathon and first race medal.  Also first for this event was the Carbo-Loading Party of which they say was a first for a half-marathon race.

Running with friends at the SkyWay

Running with friends at the SkyWay


This was the month of LSDs for me as there were only a handful of races set.  Among these routes were Commonwealth Ave. to Bonifacio High Street via C5; Commonwealth Ave. to SM Mall of Asia via Quezon Ave., España Ave., and Roxas Blvd.; and my first LSD on trails in Montalban.

View from the summit of Montalban

View from the summit of Montalban

Arguably the highlight race of this month was the Greenfield City Run in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.  With its free shuttle service many runners were given chance to run outside Metro Manila and experience the fresh landscape of the rural areas.

Another finishers medal courtesy of Greenfield City Run

Another finisher’s medal courtesy of Greenfield City Run


May boasts the longest and one of the most difficult races in the country, The North Face 100 (or simply TNF100).  Many underestimated the trails of Sacobia, Clark before they even embarked on it so it was a shock for many, even seasoned ultramarathoners, on how difficult this race was this year resulting in only a select few proud finishers.  This was my first attempt at an ultramarathon and I am very proud to be one of the few finishers of this race.  It was also my longest distance-wise at 100K, and time-wise at 30 hours (raw time that includes eating, resting, and some dozing off).

Sunrise during TNF100

Sunrise during TNF100

May also sparked my return to trekking with our initial climb to the summit of Mt. Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas.  This became a “team-building” activity for me and my friends and because we had taken an unexpectedly difficult trail it also served as my training for TNF100 that followed two weeks after.

Having breakfast on the summit of Mt. Maculot

Having breakfast on the summit of Mt. Maculot

The month was ended by a rivalry of two high-profile races: The Earth Run at McKinley Hill and Microsoft’s IE8 Run at Bonifacio Global City.  It was a difficult time for runners on which “side” to choose but in the end The Earth Run came out with being more competitive and having more attendance.

Medal from the Earth Run

Medal from the Earth Run


The month kicked off with another high-profile and highly anticipated race, the Mizuno Infinity Run.  Coming from a popular footwear brand, this race has a good set of followers which were not disappointed with the race outcome as it became the first race to have a “Time Challenge.”  This year’s participants had their finish time recorded for next year’s race where they can challenge their previous record for a chance of a prize.

Kicking off June with Mizuno Infinity Run

Kicking off June with Mizuno Infinity Run

The second week of June was the Independence Week with the 12th of the month being the Independence Day of the Philippines.  For a change I left my running shoes home and put on my trail running shoes for the first Freedom Climb—40 summits nationwide simultaneously having flag raising ceremonies to commemorate the occasion.  It was the first official climb of our offshoot group, the RunHikers as a group, in Pico de Loro, Cavite.

On our way to Pico de Loro during Freedom Climb

On our way to Pico de Loro during Freedom Climb

If May brags of an ultra-trail race, June is not far with an ultra and trails.  More like a month-wide split of the TNF100, June had an ultramarathon road race: Botak 100, and two trail run (and bike) races: King of the Mountain (KOM) in Timberland and Men’s Health All Terrain in Sta. Elena, Laguna.

Sunrise over Sta. Elena, Laguna during Mens Health All Terrain

Sunrise over Sta. Elena, Laguna during Men’s Health All Terrain

The All Terrain race was a good race overall especially for introducing trail runs for beginners.  The race was well-organized flawed only by the fact that the trails were a little dull.  This was salvation for Men’s Health reputation from their abysmal past races.

Finally to close the first half of the year was Botak 100—the first ultramarathon road race in Mega Manila.  Despite Botak’s attempt to salvage their reputation from the last race that plagued them, it was “A” (H1N1) viral issue that hampers their efforts.  That issue led them to postpone the side events of this race to the dismay of some runners (myself included).  Fortunately enough the ultramarathon road race pulled their reputation forward that Botak could be proud to say that they “pulled it off.”  Surely there were still a lot of shortcomings but as an “active spectator” all these issues were negligible.  Welcome back, Botak!

Pacer at Botak 100

Pacer at Botak 100 (courtesy Marvin)

Truly it was a roller-coaster ride for the first half—events fell on either side of the poles.  From the best to the worst these races and other side events really made the first half of 2009 quite remarkable.  Now that the second half is about to begin, will it be able to outshine the half that was?  Or will the race organizers sit on their laurels and stop innovation?  I guess we’ll all find out soon enough.


Runningpinoy’s First “Monthsary” Online

It was like yesterday when I was still dreaming of putting up a blog site for my newly-found love, running.  Now, I am celebrating my blog site runningpinoy’s first month!

I originally targeted to launch this site on my birthday last November 07 but due to some “technical difficulties” I was formally able to launch it on November 11 (11/11/08, nice sequence of digits) and got my first visitor then.  Now a month hence I’m very glad I made this site and it really helped me be in touch with other runners out there, whether here in Metro Manila, or elsewhere.

This blog site originally started as a cork board in the office, of course in my cubicle.  I wanted a place where I can post races, registration forms, and of course some of my memorabilia from races since admittedly some of my colleagues don’t really read some of the emails we send about races because some people have an instinct to “Reply to All” and turn emails into forum threads.  Some of them admitted that they’d rather go to my cube and look at my board to see of upcoming races they could join, and since I also place registration forms there they can just get it, fill up, and return to me since I’m one of the “messengers:” the bearer of registration forms to registration sites (R.O.X. division).  I love the feeling of sharing my passion for running and I’m glad whenever I get new “recruits.”  I even enjoy bringing lots of filled out forms to registration sites (except for carrying a lot singlets), namely R.O.X., because I meet other runners there and chat a little with the organizers (and I can look for more shoes—look only though).


da running board: runningpinoy’s predecessor (taken November 04, 2008 and continuously being updated)

It has been a great month, and I look forward to many more visitors and site referrals (you’re very much welcome to link to this site, and have yours listed in my blogrolls too!).  I hope you enjoyed your visit to my site as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them.  Thank you all, and feel free to throw me anything on your mind on how I can improve this site.  Happy Holidays!


December is here! ‘Tis the season to run?

I could still remember the last New Year’s celebrations and now we’re nearing the close of another one, December is here!

For runners out there we still have quite some good races for December.  Although not as jam-packed as the previous month’s, some of the races for this month are unique:

December 06: Nokia RECYCLE YOUR PHONE and RUN
It’s the first race that I’ll be joining that is FREE!  It is part of Nokia’s E-Cycling program of recycling and proper disposal of our old gadgets and its accessories like batteries and chargers which could seriously harm the environment.  You get to be rid of your “junk,” join a race, get freebies, and help save the environment.

December 07: Yakult 10-Miler
The first 10-Mile race I’ll join (already registered) and one of only a few that offers a course longer than 10K.  This would be my first “beyond 10K” run.


Backside of Yakult 10-Miler singlet

To complete the race calendar for the month:

07 Runnex 25th Executive Classic 5K/10K
07 UTAFA Fun Run (Cebu) 10K
13 Sunset Run (Nasugbu, Batangas) 3K/5K/10K
14 UP ICTUS Centennial Run 5K/10K
14 PMA Kaakibat Class 2001 1st Fun Run Competition 3K/5K

As you can see there’s another opportunity to do a back-to-back race for this month, this may be our last chance to do so this year.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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