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The Chronicles of SAR: Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon Post-Race (Day 02)

After running a full marathon you’d expect that we’d just stay in our rooms to rest, but no way!  We’re in Macau in some very cool, nice weather so rest will have to wait!  Here’s where our feet took us some time after our races.

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The Chronicles of SAR: Galaxy Entertainment Maratona Internacional de Macau (Day 02)

December 04, 2011, the day of my second marathon outside the Philippines and my first road race below 15°c.  I could’ve come more prepared but things don’t always happen according to plan so the goal was simple: to have fun and finish within cutoff!

Torre de Macau (Macau Tower): one of Macau’s most prominent landmarks is part of the route. On the background is another feature of the route, Ponte de Sai Van (Sai Van Bridge). Taken near Grand Lisboa Hotel.

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Souvenir from Macau

As a runner, nothing beats souvenirs like these:

My Finish Certificate from Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon

Watch out for my story of our adventures in Macau and our side trip to Hong Kong soon!  For the mean time, congratulations to all those who also finished their respective races last weekend! 😀

Note: You may view your Finish Certificates at

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