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Energizer Night Race Manila 2013

It’s been quite a while since I last joined a night race so I’m quite excited with the upcoming Energizer Night Race Manila 2013 on May 04, 2013.  Here are the event particulars:

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FILA and Athletes in Action Run for School Rooms

Many of us may have already forgotten Typhoon Sendong but long after it’s gone, its devastation remains in some places in the country, particularly in Iligan City, where entire classrooms were wiped out.  To help raise funds to rehabilitate and rebuild these classrooms, Athletes In Action (AIA) in partnership with Fila is holding Schools Run for School Rooms (SRSR).

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Ketsana’s PR (Phenomenal Rain)

Typhoon Ketsana, also known as “Ondoy” in the Philippines, was one of the most devastating typhoons in recent history particularly in Metro Manila where all-time-high rainfall was recorded.  Places that never experienced flooding saw unimaginable levels of water, and elsewhere were just nothing short of a disaster.

As for running, the extremely bad weather unsurprisingly caused races to be postponed, including the much anticipated New Balance Power Run.  And announcing its deferment was just timely—the weather was turning from bad to worse and after several hours people were stranded on their roofs.  Although a lot of runners were disappointed, looking back it was a good call by the organizers.

Seeing all the damages and the misery Ketsana has brought was really disheartening.  Suddenly all motivations to run was just carried away.  How can anyone run when at the back of your mind someone you knew was stranded atop their flooded home?

If there were things that this ordeal brought out were the best and the worst in us.  The worst was the act of selfishness—people were just thinking of how to save themselves resulting in more hardships for others and delays in distribution of aide.  It was back to basic instincts—self-preservation, every man for himself.  But then later on the best in us was revived—the act of selflessness.  Suddenly the Tagalog word “Bayanihan” was in use and exhibited.  People themselves started reaching out to help one another because in a way all of us are affected by this calamity.  I myself had a chance to see firsthand some of these genuine acts of kindness and to my surprise even those whom I know were affected by the flooding are even lending a hand.

Angel Brigade (in coordination with Harvest Foundation, Isdanco Foundation, Mased Association) drop off center for Calamity Relief Goods

Angel Brigade (in coordination with Harvest Foundation, Isdanco Foundation, Mased Association) Drop Off Center for Calamity Relief Goods

There’s still a lot of work to be done, and it would be done faster if all of us lend a hand, and most of us can help in our own way.  Even runners are doing their share for the community:

  • Team Hardcore and the TKO.250
    Hardcore runners will be running for the victims of typhoon “Ondoy.”  They will be running four marathons, two half-marathons and a 200 kilometer marathon relay.  For every kilometer they will run, the donor will give Php1. They will run a total of 250 kilometers making the total donation amount of Php250.  You are welcome to give more.  Read More
  • Rio dela Cruz and Timex
    All 2009 Timex Run registration sites will be accepting your generous donations.  I am also opening my home at 46 D. Macapagal St. Vista Valley Subdivision, Sto. Niño, Marikina City if you wish to send it in bulk.  All participants, including friends and family, are invited to the distribution of relief goods on November 15, 2009, 1PM, at the different barangay halls and evacuation centers in the hardest hit areas in Marikina.  Read More
  • The Rescue Run
    It isn’t a race.  There are no race bibs, no souvenir t-shirts, no swag bags, no finishers medals, no prize money.  In lieu of registration fees, we will ask for donations, depending on the distance you intend to cover: Php300 for 3K, Php400 for 5K, and Php500 for 10K.  All proceeds will be donated to the Philippine National Red Cross for typhoon Ketsana victims.  Read More

Even races were not spared of Ketsana’s havoc.  Here’s the list of races that were affected by this typhoon (courtesy

Original Date New Date
New Balance Power Run September 27 November 29
Run For Child October 03 TBA
iRun for Teachers October 03 TBA
Takbong Lasalyano October 03 TBA
Takbo Breast Friends October 04 October 11
Race for LIFE October 10 October 24

Ketsana may be out of the country but the country is still not out of the woods yet.  As of press time another typhoon, Parma (“Pepeng” locally), is slowly making its way into Northern Luzon.  Everyone is hoping that it would pass through peacefully so that we can all start the recovery process and claim back our lives.

As of 02 Oct 2009 15:29 GMT

As of 02 Oct 2009 15:29 GMT

Agencies and Numbers

National Disaster Coordinating Council
(02) 734-2118, (02) 734-2120

Department of Social Welfare and Development
(02) 931-8101 to 05 loc 506, (02) 951-7119

Philippine Coast Guard
(02) 527-3877, (02) 527-8481, (02) 527-6136

Philippine Air Force
0927 964 5098, (02) 853 5023

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority

Philippine National Red Cross (for donations)
143, (02) 527 0000

Citizens’ Disaster Response Center
(02) 924 0386, (02) 928 7860

GMA Kapuso Foundation
(02) 982 7777 loc 9901 & 9905

Sagip Kapamilya – ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.
(02) 411-4995, (02) 415-2272 loc 3765


A Year Into Running: It Started With A Miracle

Sunday, August 17, 2008 marked the birth of the runner in me.  It was the first ever Miracle Run by Men’s Health Magazine (Philippines) and it was my first ever race.  I, together with several of my colleagues, decided to join this run for the benefit of GMA Kapuso Foundation so that in our own little way we could share some of our blessings and have fun at the same time.  Little that we know that that fun run would open the door to something that would change our lives forever—the world of running.

I can still remember the trouble I had on what to wear that day.  Naturally I didn’t have any clothes for running so I just grabbed whatever I had—basketball shorts I use at the gym, the most decent shoes I got I can use for running, badminton socks, bandana I got from our company’s previous summer outing, and the event shirt we got for the event.  Not a single sign of a runner.

Since we really intend to just have fun and “test the waters” we opted to join the 5K leg of the race (there was also a 10K leg).  None of us had practice nor training of any form at that time so a 5K distance very intimidating.  That’s an entire 5,000 meters!

The world as seen through a Lomo lens.
Courtesy Mitch Enriquez

Last year the 5K event was in the form of a relay (two members of a group running 5K each) so we planned who would be the first and second liners, and have a buddy during our runs.  That system worked surprisingly well for me and my buddy as despite conversing the entire 5K and having a “chillax” pace we finished the entire 5K in 33 minutes.  We even thought that had we taken the race a little seriously we would’ve finished in less than 30 minutes, but finishing our first race was already an accomplishment for us.  And of course before and after the race tons of pictures were taken.

After the race.
Courtesy Patrick Oliveros

The Great Divide

Back then I was clueless of when the next race would come about.  I didn’t even knew back then that existed (but just Googling around I was able to find thebullrunner and it’s still one of my favorite sites) so for the following few weeks we didn’t have any runs.  Back then runs and races were synonymous to us—there was neither group runs nor running clinics than that we knew of.  Despite the good momentum we gained the next race that we knew we could join was almost two months away: the adidas King of the Road.  The earliest race we could join was actually the Nike Human Race but disappointingly it required that you have their Sportsband to join (which was very expensive for a starting runner like me).  That was my first heartache as a runner—not being able to join a run because I’m not tech savvy enough (feels discriminating).  It was a good thing that the next one, from adidas, was worth the wait.

Breakfast bonding, no divides here.
Courtesy Leah Garcia

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