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PhotoVendo Moment

Each race is unique and memorable and capturing those moments are made easier by PhotoVendo, the brainchild of Ben M. Chan (photographer on the run).  You can’t always bring someone along to take your photos and not everyone has an SLR camera, and it’s definitely difficult to bring a camera along in-race and take photos along the way, but just about every runner wants to have a photo of themselves while running—this is where this service comes in handy.

PhotoVendo has been around several races already and is quickly becoming part of the norm.  The previously concluded UP ICTUS Run gave more runners an opportunity to enjoy their services by giving free prints of photos taken on their area.  This was my first race photo printed from PhotoVendo and it definitely won’t be the last.  I sure would love to order the high-resolution copy of that photo but it wasn’t available on their site (hope they would, our group photo from Unicef Run wasn’t available either).  There was this photo from PhotoVendo that I really liked:



This race was a struggle for me as I was running with an injury at the time, and I think you can see that from this photo.

Thank you PhotoVendo for your services, although I’m not paying a customer yet, I’m definitely sold!  I just have a few “requests” or “unsolicited suggestions:”

  • Be able to order photos from different races.  I like it better to order many items at one time since I won’t be using a credit card for my purchases.
  • Be able to order our group photos.  I tried searching for our group photo last Unicef Run using all the race numbers of everyone in the photo but I didn’t locate it.
  • Probably have an account system so we could just log in and not type our delivery address every time we place an order or make alterations to our orders.

Sorry for being a demanding (but non-profitable) client, I’ll be one soon (promise!).  I look forward to more great photos from you guys.  Keep up the good work!


UP ICTUS Run and the Peeps

The weekend wasn’t that good if I talk about my knee, but otherwise it was great!  I was able to complete my goal for the year of reaching the 100K mark (yay!), and I get to meet the guys at

Meet my new friend: anti-inflammatory painkillers
Before the race started walking was something I didn’t really enjoy doing.  About half an hour before the race started I took a doctor-prescribed anti-inflammatory painkiller to help alleviate the pain, and fortunately, it worked!  It wasn’t in full effect during the race, but it did help make the pain tolerable and eventually I was walking and even running, although still a far cry from the norm.  I was a bit concerned early in the morning of the race that I’d be forced to discontinue my run and failing to reach my goal but with the help of prayers, medicines, and a lot of determination, I was back on my feet and running.

I was able to rid myself of arriving late on races so I was really able to enjoy socializing with some of my acquaintances, walking around, and be more relaxed.  I even managed to take some pre-race pictures.  So even before the race started I knew that I can run, but I knew that I have to take it easy so as not to aggravate my injury.  And so, I did—the most difficult race I had to take (so far).

At the start line before the race starts

At the start line before the race starts

I only took a 5K-course but it took a lot of determination to even consider running.  I was supposed to pace with a friend but since I had to take it easy I just forgot about it and run what is comfortable with my situation.  I’m proud that even if I’m injured I didn’t finish last (probably my nightmare come true) and even managed a decent time.


My 5K Race Kit: need to take it easy this time

It was my second slowest pace/time for a race, the first one being that from my first ever race (which was more like a very leisurely run with a lot of walks): 31:19 for 5K, 6:16/km, not that bad and at least I didn’t walk.  Of course some of my friends (who ran 5K) already crossed the finish line by the time I did so they naturally noticed that I was limping a bit during my run (I can’t imagine how it looked like, must be funny at the very least).

My time was still early enough for me to see the winners and runner ups for 10K, one of the few times I was able to, and it was enough not to be kulelat (the last one).  Not bad for an injured runner—29th out of 108 runners.

I think Coach Rio had some problems with his singlet suppliers because he made it “Finisher’s Singlet,” or maybe he just doesn’t want to give singlets to those who didn’t run.  For whatever reasons, the delay was probably okay since the singlets were really nice.

” nice design and very good print quality

“Finisher’s Singlet:” nice design and very good print quality

I thought that the Krispy Kreme sponsorship was limited to the signages but Coach Rio announced sometime later that there are free doughnuts!  The freebies came in late, and it was much later when the coffee arrived (from the same sponsor).  My favorite freebie was the free souvenir photo from PhotoVendo courtesy of Ben M. Chan (photographer on the run).  Hope I could have a high-resolution copy of my photo (scanning the printout sucks) because I really liked it!

A fund-raiser
For an additional P400 donation you also get a Fossil notebook and utility case, and a singlet of your choice (which were also for sale if you want just the singlet) from a wide variety of design displayed in their booth.

The Fossil notebook and utility case that you get for the additional donation.  A singlet was also included (not shown).

The Fossil notebook and utility case that you get for the additional donation. A singlet of your choice was also included (not shown).

Overall I really liked this race, there were a few hiccups but it wasn’t enough to ruin my impression on the race.  Another great race delivered by Coach Rio.

Pat, “the new recruit,” and me

Pat, “the new recruit,” and me

Meet the peeps has been my “ultimate” source of race information since my “early days” of running.  I went from a simple on-looker to a proud forum member (because of a shirt promo?).  I met a lot of people there who, like me, loves running.  And so it was always a pleasure meeting them, many for the first time.  Some joined the race while some took LSD (not the drugs but a Long Slow Distance run).  I think 10K wasn’t good enough for them hehe. 🙂 peeps with Rene from RUNNEX

Meet Garmin
I was also able to be acquainted with those watches that I drool about: Garmins.  Of course first hand opinions from users of these watches count if you want to know it better since these watches are like computers in small packages: complicated and expensive.

Oblation Run?
Not quite.  A tour of UP Diliman wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Oblation: UP’s proud symbol.  Since we are in “tourist mode” the most Filipino tradition about having “tours” is picture-taking!
The best things in life are free!  Thanks Sheerwill for the free Taho and the free service and tour around UP!  Also thank you Ronald for the breakfast, and belated Happy Birthday!

For those outside the Philippines, Taho is a warm snack food typically made of soft tofu mixed with brown sugar and vanilla syrup and pearl sago (similar to pearl tapioca) and normally consumed during early morning.

It was so nice meeting you guys!  Finally we were able to see your Garmins, I mean, your faces.  I look forward to our next meeting and Happy Holidays to you all!

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