5th of July, 2009: The Road to the Marathon is Set

The fifth of July, 2009 at the Manila eliminations race of the 33rd Milo Marathon, the road to the marathon is set, and I’ll be having my debut. Yes, you read it right—after almost 11 months since my first race ever and 7 months since my first Milo Marathon experience, I’m taking the big leap and would be running my first marathon.

Set for my Marathon debut
Set for my Marathon debut

I originally planned to have my first marathon next year because earlier this year I thought it was too early. With some unexpected twists of events I eventually found myself doing an ultramarathon, and now to be a “complete” ultramarathoner, a full road marathon.

Choosing My Stage

It was actually Craig who first urged me to have my first marathon this year. Back then we were actually talking of staging it in Subic International Marathon on October 24 but eventually the plan was pushed back to the Quezon City International Marathon a week earlier, until the talk of having a takbo.ph support group was initiated.

Being a “regular runner” I do not have the resources to put up my own support group. With the overwhelming support I’ve seen from my takbo.ph family I was persuaded to take the leap—even if Milo Marathon was way too early for my plans. After TNF100 my plan was to start my marathon training this July with June being my recovery month from the ultramarathon—and now I’m having my marathon in July!  I’ll have an excellent support group and I’ll be having a debut on the country’s premiere running event—sounds like a plan.

Training you say?

I’m not mocking the marathon for joining it seemingly unprepared; in fact I had the most reservations in joining one because I regard it higher than my ultramarathon. Yes I may lack speed training that I so badly need but I am hoping that the endurance training I had for TNF100 would fuel me enough to at least make it through the curfew time. Deep in my heart of course I so desire to reach my dream of finishing my first marathon at 3:59:59 to qualify for the finals, but then simply finishing one within the curfew is already an accomplishment—one that gives me chills due to a concoction of excitement and apprehension.

Taking the Plunge

The main deciding factor for me in finally doing a marathon after less than a year of running was definitely the support. Yes, running is an individual sport—it’s non-spectator, a grave abuse of your body, and a mind game as well—but all these “tortures” seem to blur when you know you have your friends at your back supporting you. Those cheers may not affect you physically but they do boost people’s morale.

I’ll keep these words in mind (You can do it)
I’ll keep these words in mind (You can do it)


Thank you to my takbo.ph family especially the Milo Support Group! Your support means a lot to us who will be braving the marathon. Thank you very, very much from the bottom of my heart and I really appreciate all your efforts.

To the Almighty who gave me a willing and capable body and mind to face one of the most grueling challenges I impose on myself I am forever grateful. May His grace drive me to finish in good health.

To my fellow Milo Marathoners good luck to all of you! May God give us that day and help us conquer the challenges of the marathon. God bless us all!

Stop Dreaming

To those dreaming to do their first marathon, stop dreaming and start doing! I was once a dreamer like you but if I stayed “dreaming” I wouldn’t have made my dreams into reality. Running gives you the opportunity to know yourself better and know your limits; and with that you’d know which path you’d take to get from dreaming to living it.

“The MIRACLE isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that
I had the COURAGE to START.”

– John “The Penguin Runner” Bingham

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  1. run unltd. says:

    Good luck on July 5th. But hey, your singlet is for the half marathon event.

    > Thanks Vener! Really my singlet is for the half? Oh no! Maybe the lady in the registration didn’t think I’d be running a 42K…


    1. run unltd. says:

      My sorry, you got the right one pala. I kinda mixed my things with xty’s coz she’ll be running the half, and besides the one for the 21km is more of a good fit for me. Tuloy na tuloy na tayo.

      > It’s okay I don’t mind even if I had the wrong one, hehe. Good luck to all of us!


  2. prometheuscometh says:

    Good luck and see you at the starting line!

    > Likewise Jay! Hope we had a great race! 🙂


  3. jetpaiso says:

    nice post, and i’m truly inspired to pursue my marathon dream. will save that for the qc int’l marathon event. i just started road running last march 2009, and will run my 1st half-marathon in my 1st milo event.

    i’m not sure if your uniform is for the half-mary. check out my blog and you’ll see my singlet.

    check prometheuscometh’s blog, he’s running 42k as well, and has the same singlet as posted here.


    > Hi Jet! Nice to hear that you’re moving forward towards your dream (and I think you’re doing it faster than I did! Hehe). Good luck with your next race! An dwith regards to the singlet it seems that I do have the correct one.


  4. ricov says:

    Hey Dennis. Congratulations on taking the plunge. I agree with John Bingham: the miracle is in summoning the courage to start. May God, family and friends be with us on that day. Whatever happens, kaya natin yan!

    > Thanks Rico and good luck to all of us! Wow I can’t believe we’d all be “real” marathoners after that day!


  5. kingofpots says:

    i hope after finishing your 1st marathon you’ll be a different person! good luck!

    > Thank you Sir Jovie! This is one of my dreams coming true!


  6. anna says:

    hi..just want to know na san place ang milo marathon this coming july 5?..thank you

    > Anna I think Milo is still going to use the same route they had last year.


  7. gingerbreadrunning says:

    Good luck Dens! National Finals? Ehem .Question is… After running a 100k Ultra, what fun is a 42k to you? 🙂


    > It may be too much to ask for qualifications for the finals so it’s back to doing your best and be proud whatever outcome it yields. Trust me when I say that TNF100 was perilous but I dread the forthcoming Milo Marathon more!


  8. i2runner says:

    Dennis, sana makapasok tayo sa 3:59:59. Kung hindi, let’s try the QC international Marathon, mas malaki prizes dun! hehehe

    > Of all people I know doing the Milo Marathon you’re the least one I think that won’t make the 3:59:59 cutoff, hehe 🙂


  9. I’m sure dennis you can make it! Kaya mo yan!

    > Thanks Rodel! 🙂


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