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Shoe Review: New Balance 681

Choosing a good quality shoe need not be expensive.  The 681 from New Balance in an entry level running shoe that not only looks good, it also performs well.


    Forefoot and rearfoot ABZORB® to soften the impact of road running
  • C-CAP®
    Compression-molded EVA for superior midsole cushioning and flexibility.
  • Stability Web
    Optimal arch support that’s both rigid and lightweight while preventing midfoot flex.

First Glance

At first glance the 681 looks good and upon closer inspection you’ll notice the Abzorb cushioning is also placed in the forefoot area.  The shape of its sole is also unique that it seems to aide forward movement especially for forefoot strike runners.  You can’t really tell that it is an entry-level shoe until you’re reminded when you see the insole.

The Test

I tested this first walking a few kilometers to and from a nearby running specialty store and it passed with flying colors.  The shoe fits well and it very comfortable.  Cushioning was sufficient and is breathable enough.  Things changed when I finally tested it for a seven kilometer test run—you immediately feel the slightly narrower front as you feel your fingers rub on its sides.  Coming from Asics Kayano I can feel the difference with the cushioning which was sufficient although I wouldn’t recommend it for runs longer than 10K or exceeding an hour.  It’s also not as bendable as other running shoes but it’s very negligible.  On the good side though the slightly concaved shape of the front sole really aide runners with forefoot strike.


New Balance 681 is a very comfortable shoe that looks good and fits well.  It provides good cushioning not just in the heel but also in the forefoot and it sole is shaped to aide forefoot runners.  The narrow front may be its biggest fault making it unsuitable for long runs, but for casual use or easy runs it fits well.  Overall this is a good shoe for those 5K or even 10K runs, or simply for just walking around.  This shoe may have been designed for those who just started running and didn’t want to risk spending a huge sum, or those looking for some affordable everyday good trainers.


Yet Another Round of Road Trip: Ortigas – BHS via EDSA

Last night was supposedly my speed run session at Ultra, but the urge to meet my running buddies got the best of me and just decided to do an easy run.  I was also a bit concerned with my calves aching a little (most likely due to the cramps I got from swimming last Sunday) and my still present plantar fasciitis so a long easy run should be good for recovery.

With the typical rush hour comes heavy traffic.  Still having a runner’s high from my weekend road run I decided to just run from the office all the way to BHS, this time via EDSA since there’s a much higher probability that I’d get there faster via foot than via any vehicle.

Running on roads does have its sets of perils.  Aside from the obvious, what I didn’t plan for was the really muddy road en route to BGC.  It was raining periodically throughout the day and as a result, thick, heavy, mud!  I was really sorry to see my Kayano looking like it went through some heavy trails, but then again this experience adds spice to an otherwise “regular” run.

Arriving at BHS I soon saw the Running Diva already doing her laps and soon after some of my running buddies along with some new “recruits.”  BHS is just a little over 5K from Ortigas so I was a little short of target.  I decided to join my friends in their laps around BHS to complete my target right after being spared of my backpack (thanks Rico for accommodating my load!).  I was carrying my office backpack all throughout this run and being able shed of a few kilograms weight was a relief!  Carrying extra weight while running can be thought of as training, but then this was just circumstantial and given the choice of course I would’ve preferred otherwise.

My weeknight run route: Ortigas - BHS via EDSA

My weeknight run route: Ortigas - BHS via EDSA

In the end I was able to do my training and “socialize” with my friends at the same time.  It really is just a matter of prioritizing and time management (a.k.a. how addicted you are to running).  Total distance for a weeknight run: 12.91K.


Self-Reward for Finishing TNF100: My New Gear

One of the best things about finishing a grueling race was having a reason to treat yourself and getting away with a little splurging.  Since I’m in the market for a new pair of solemates and I can get away with going a little overboard I finally decided to give in and get myself a fresh pair—adidas Supernova is already nearing its expected lifespan.  Luckily one of the premier malls in the Metro was having its mall-wide sale and that gave me the opportunity to get my shoes at a better price.  I honestly don’t have any candidates and there are so many choices out there—the discounts even made choosing more confusing.

Since I was on a mall sale my shopping was “sale-oriented.”  It had been a habit of mine that “when in a sale, buy only items that are on sale.”  If the items I wanted weren’t on sale it’d be better to buy it on a regular day sparing me the hassle of not being given the right attention.  This “rule” helped a lot in filtering my options: my popular choices adidas and Nike weren’t convincingly on sale so I didn’t bother spending too much time in their stores.  My favorite shoe store in this mall (where I also bought my NB 811) was definitely on sale so here I spent most of my time browsing through the wide selections on sale.  The choices got narrowed down to two: NB and Asics.  After several minutes of narrowing my”finalist” shoes from NB I scooted over to Asics’ side and I think my jaws dropped—Asics has a significant discount offered on their shoes, although Asics were still much more costly (even with the discount) than NBs.  When I think of Asics I can only think of one shoe (that I’ve always drooled about):

My new gear

My new gear

Fresh new pair

Fresh new pair

Yeah!  This shoe was on sale!  A pair of these costs absurdly expensive here in the Philippines and with the discount applied its final price becomes “manageable,” although this pair would still be the priciest ones I bought to date (you can still buy two “entry-level” pairs of shoes with the reduced price).  I had to invoke my “self-reward” reasoning to make myself not think about the “damage” it would cost on my already battered budget but on the long run I think the investment was worth it.  It won’t be this popular and pricey if it didn’t deliver.  Perhaps the only thing better than a Gel-Kayano 13 is a Gel-Kayano 14 (or 15)!  I can’t wait to test this baby out on the road!

Asics Gel Kayano 13 (kind of looks like a Ferrari)

Asics Gel Kayano 13 (kind of looks like a Ferrari)

Lucky 13

Lucky 13

Product Features

  • Midsole Material: Solyte™—A super lightweight material with superior responsiveness and durability.
  • Cushioning Technology: GEL® Cushioning System—GEL® cushioning system offers enhanced stability and shock absorption.
  • Pronation: DuoMax®–Combines 2 or more different density midsole materials to help correct the degree and velocity of pronation.
  • Heel Technology: ASICS® High Abrasion Resistant (AHAR®) Heel Plug—AHAR® provides durability at the impact zone.
  • Outsole: DuoSole®—DuoSole® proprietary ASICS® outsole technology offers extraordinary flexibility, lightweight and traction

Product Description

The GEL-Kayano® 13 running shoe for men from ASICS® offers the ultimate blend of support and cushioning.  The GEL® cushioning system provides enhanced stability and shock absorption, while DuoMax® combines 2 or more different density midsole materials to help correct the degree and velocity of pronation.  Additionally, the Biomorphic Fit™ upper maintains a dynamic glove-like fit in all foot positions.

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