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Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run Race Results

The results are finally out.  You may view the race result at

Here’s my result:

Click to zoom

Click to zoom

Overall this was one of the nicest race results I’ve got. It’s not the best place I’ve had in a race but knowing that only 3% of runners are ahead of me in the entire field and I placed 13th in my division (Male 20-29) already makes me proud to brag about this non-PR race result.


The Kenny’s Urbanite Run Experience

Last night at the Bonifacio Global City the first ever Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run was held, organized by  It was one of only a handful night races to be held and it was well attended by thousands of runners redefining the definition of a Saturday night out (and what a healthy night out this was).  The race had a 5K, 10K, and 15K leg with 5K being the most popular but the rest were not so far behind.  The race was kicked off with the 15K that started later than originally announced (8:20PM Garmin time) but the rest were on time.

Race Kit Claiming

Due to unforeseen circumstances Finishline had another “hiccup” with releasing of the race kits.  The first was the unexpected relocation of the claiming area from the furnished location (in front of Nike Park BHS) to the empty area behind NBC Tent causing much confusion especially during the first day.  Then came the “missing” kits: many runners were unable to claim their kits on day one despite registering early thus the reason for extending the claiming until before the race.  But on the other hand once your kit is there claiming is quick and surprisingly there weren’t much people claiming their kits on day two.

The Race: From a 5K Perspective

Runners can be predictable at times, but this time around that’s hardly the case.  Ironically, “veteran” runners only took the 5K leg of the race (myself included) while the relatively newcomers braved the much longer 15K.  It was a very nice change of pace compensated by the nice change of day and time.  If it weren’t for the high humidity last night everything was just about perfect for running.

The Start/Finish line

The Start/Finish line

The 5K leg actually started early at around 8:55PM (again Garmin time).  It was the longest time I had to wait before I crossed the Start line due to the number of participants.  Thank goodness that timing chips are used to compensate, but of course the official time would still be based on race time (regardless of what time you started) so being late is still not an option.

The 15K runners

The 15K runners

The 5K route was a real challenge, come to think of it all routes of the race were challenging, because of the fact that it passes through McKinley Hill.  That made this race particularly exciting but of course not very conducive to setting your new PR (personal record).  The darkness of night didn’t make it any easier but the absence of the sun did help a little—no more sunburns!

For the 5K route the placement of the in-race sensor was excellent at just after the 2.5K U-turn.  As for the hydration stations plenty were placed en route and even during the later period of the race supplies were adequate although I can’t tell if it’s only water or if sports drinks were served as well as I have my own hydration supply.  There were also plenty of Marshals along the route so runners are guided.  It was a very well executed race from my perspective.

Have you seen these knee-high socks?

Have you seen these knee-high socks?

After crossing the finish line runners receive a loot bag with products from sponsors and those who were early enough even had t-shirts or towels with their freebies.  It was one of the nicest after race areas I’ve seen matching those from Runrio days so there was no reason to hurry home after.  Runners even had the option to use their “Eat” stub to avail of their Urbanite meal right after the race—all these while a program was held on the stage in the area.

Discipline Please

Unfortunately the issue of undisciplined motorists arises: cones were placed to prevent vehicles from entering the runners’ area but a bunch of motorists (those in motorbikes) still enter this area making it dangerous for runners especially that they are coming from behind.  And even on intersections the Marshalls were pressured by these motorists for not letting them through.  A race was in progress and of course the safety of runners comes first so it was natural that they be stuck while runners are coming through.  Again those in motorbikes still insist on crossing despite the number of runners passing so it was fortunate that there was no reported accident.  Those in motorbikes keep complaining that they don’t get “respect” from other motorists on the road but based on my experience they are the foremost that don’t respect pedestrians and this race proves just that.  I didn’t mean to point fingers at anyone, I just want everyone to be aware of the problem and hope we all be part in solving this.


Honestly I love the setting of this race.  From being a Saturday night run to the McKinley route to the timing chip and to the sponsor support.  In fact the only demerits I can give this race were the confusion at the kit claiming and the slightly longer wait for the race results (which was announced beforehand).  I am so eager to see my race result (for setting a reasonable race time I can live with) that’s why I see the latter as a demerit.  Given all the pros and cons I’m glad to give a rating of Very Good (4/5) for this race, the highest rating I’ve given so far for the year.  Thank you Kenny Rogers and Vince of Finishline for the pleasant experience I got from this race and congratulations for a successful event!

KOUR 5K Route

KOUR 5K Route

But Wait! There’s More!

What I love about doing 5Ks are the fact that you finish early (especially if you ran it well) and you’ve got plenty of energy to spare afterwards.  After finishing my 5K race and claiming my loot bag some of my friends decided to head back to the race to pace some of our comrades.  If you saw some runners just heading out during the late hours of the race with some wearing knee-high socks, that’s us.  I headed out twice to pace two different runner friends to the finish (with other runner friends also doing the same) doing 15K so in the end I was able to double my run during that night—an extra 5K for helping some friends—a doubly rewarding experience indeed.  Like with what the statement on the finisher’s certificate:

Victory is not finishing first,
but rather, meeting a challenge
and beating the odds at the finish line.

No matter what distance you ran or how long it took you just by merely meeting the challenge already makes you victorious!  Congratulations everyone for a great race!


Kenny’s Urbanite Run Registration Ends Today

If you still haven’t registered for this run today, August 11, 2009 is the last day of registration.  Race kit may be claimed from August 13-14, 2009, 3:30PM – 11PM in Bonifacio High Street in front of Nike Park.

In case you’re still undecided on which distance to run race routes are now available, courtesy of Kenny Roger’s Roasters Online:

For more information about this race including the registration process visit  You may download the registration form here also courtesy of Kenny Rogers Roasters Online.

You may also read about my notes regarding this race.


Get Ready for the Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run

The next race to feature a disposable timing chip is due to arrive on August 15, 2009 via the Kenny’s Open ’09 Urbanite Run.  This is another race organized by Finishline so expectations are naturally high, especially with the timing chips and the interesting results it generates.

This race is set apart from the norm by being the held on a Saturday night.  It is also a fund raising run for the benefit of Hands On Manila Foundation, Inc. and 57:75 Movement so you know that it’s worthwhile.

Easy and Fast Registration

If all registration processes were like this one’s it would be a delight!  By far registration for this race is one of the most convenient with numerous Kenny Rogers branch to choose from and virtually no lines!  I registered on KR Megamall branch and it was pretty quick—a banner was placed for quick recognition and the staff manning the process was really helpful and informed so it was a hassle-free experience.

Registration costs P600 which would make this the costliest “typical” race so far in the Philippines but as stated earlier part of it goes to charity.  For the P600, P200 goes to the aforementioned institutions, P200 goes to the race dues, and the remaining P200 returns to you as a food stub so when you think about it, it’s not that expensive.  You get to enjoy a night run, eat good food, and be able to help the fund-raising—I’d say a pretty good combo.

Notes and Reminders

The “Eat” stub can be used from July 15 to October 15, 2009 so there’s no need to rush in using it.  It’s accepted at all Kenny Rogers Roasters branch including the Kenny’s Roast & Grill restaurant at the Powerplant Mall in Rockwell.

The “Donate” stub should be brought on the night of the race where it should be dropped at designated drop-boxes.  What happens if bearers fail to do so is unspecified but I think this process would just be for visual representation of how much funds we would generate.

Make sure to arrive at the assembly area by 7:00PM especially if you have vehicles to park (since it’s on a Saturday night).  Gun start for the races are as follows:

15K: 8:00PM
10K: 8:45PM
5K: 9:00PM

Don’t lose your claim stub as it contains your registration information needed for a quick claiming process.  Race kits may be claimed in front of Nike Park in Bonifacio High Street on August 13 to 14, 2009, from 3:30PM to 11:00PM.  The race kit includes the following:

  • Official race number
  • Route map
  • Singlet
  • Disposable timing chip

Baggage deposit service is available from 7:00PM to 2:00AM.

If you plan on joining this race register now to avoid the “last minute crowd.”  It would also be better for both the runners and organizers if we all have time to spare and not wait for the deadline, especially that the race kits are not immediately distributed.  You may download the registration form here courtesy of Kenny Rogers Roasters Online.

All I can say it that all things are going smoothly so far with this race, and if everything goes as the organizers planned, this may be one of the best races of the year.  If you have further enquiries about this race you may contact Vince Mendoza at (+63 2) 703 1736.

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