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Rain4Africa: A Lifeline to Africa Run

On July 20, 2011, the United Nations officially declared the crisis in the Horn of Africa (encompassing the countries of Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, and Uganda) as a famine.  Tens of thousands have died.  The conditions that qualify this situation as a famine are the following: 2 adults or 4 children are dying of hunger daily and 30% of the population is acutely malnourished. This famine was brought about by excessive drought along with failed crop seasons, the 20-year civil war in Somalia and rising food and fuel prices worldwide.

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Boston Kreme: When is a World’s Best not a World Record?

Boston, Massachusetts is thousands of miles away from Manila, but the running highs that were set during the recent Boston Marathon were so contagious I can feel it all the way here!  The highlight of the event of course was the 2:03:02 time set by Kenya’s Geoffrey Mutai—the world’s fastest ever, but not the world record!

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Kenyan + Ethiopian CamSur Invasion

What a great marathon it really was, as hot as the race day weather!  The first Summit Water CamSur Marathon had just concluded, and the Kenyans weren’t able to complete their dominance with the race.

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The Kenyan Domination at the Quezon City International Marathon

First and foremost I would like to congratulate everyone who participated in one of the best races in the country thus far, the QCIM. The first Quezon City International Marathon would surely go down in history as one of the most exciting races in the country in recent history by having the presence of international delegates particularly those from Kenya. Their presence ensured a true international-caliber race that would be the envy of upcoming international races. In the end the levels that the Kenyans gave proved to be too high for our local bets to match giving the former an almost guaranteed sweep, but of course our local runners made sure that they had to fight hard for it.

The Kenyan domination: the leading pack with sole Filipino challenger, Cresenciano Sabal, about 30 kilometers into the race

The Kenyan domination: the leading pack with sole Filipino challenger, Cresenciano Sabal, about 30 kilometers into the race

Running his first full marathon, the 22-year old Kenyan Hillary Kimutai Kipchumba took the top prize of P300,000 by clocking in a winning time of 2:30:08 beating his fellow compatriot Daniel Koringo (finished fourth with a time of 2:31:05 due to a pulled right hamstring) who was the early favorite for the race. The next spots were taken by Samuel Tarus Too (2:30:36) and Daniel Chirchir (2:30:49) bagging the P200,000 and P100,000 prizes, respectively.

Fresh from his Milo Marathon victory a week ago, Cresenciano Sabal didn’t hand the prize easily as he stuck it out with the visiting runners throughout the majority of the course but lost steam in the last five kilometers, settling for the fifth spot with a time of 2:36:58, taking home P150,000.

Over on the women’s side it was a Kenyan sweep of the top three spots with Doreen Kitaka with the winning time of 2:58.55, followed by Lydia Jeratich Rutto (3:09:30), and Sarah Maito (3:12:48) for the second and third place, respectively. Taking fourth place was the fastest Filipina of the race Aileen Tolentino (3:23:57).

Quezon City Mayor Sonny “SB” Belmonte was on hand to award the prizes and trophies to the winners of the event highlighting the city’s 70th founding anniversary celebrations.

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