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A Runner’s Christmas Story

Christmas is time for family, loved ones, and friends.  It is also time for countless feasts and parties that stretch your gut and your systems to the limit.  But it doesn’t mean you should just let it go unchecked…

Let’s eat!
(Photo from my Taste Cavite adventure)

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Now Showing: Must See Movies before a Marathon

Got those pre-marathon jitters?  Do you need that extra motivational boost?  Or do you simply need an inspiration to get you back to your running mood?  Whatever reasons you may have, there’s always a good reason to watch movies and I have compiled three running-inspired movies/documentaries to satisfy those cravings:

  • 3. Run Fatboy Run [2007]

    Run Fatboy Run is a 2007 British romantic comedy film directed by David Schwimmer which tells the story of an out-of-shape Dennis (Simon Pegg) deciding to run a marathon to win back her former fiancée.

    MPAA: Rated PG-13 for some rude and sexual humor, nudity, language and smoking.
    Runtime: 100 min
    Language: English

    Dennis: Excuse me, can I just stop you there.
    Whit: Yes…?
    Dennis: Oh, I don’t have anything to say… I just wanted to stop you there.

  • 2. Spirit of the Marathon [2007]

    Spirit of the Marathon is a 2007 documentary film directed by Jon Dunham which chronicles the journey of six marathon runners while training and competing in the 2005 Chicago Marathon.  It premiered to sellout crowds at the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival, right before the running of the 2007 Chicago Marathon.

    MPAA: Rated PG for some thematic elements and language, and brief incidental smoking.
    Runtime: 104 min
    Language: English

  • 1. Marathon (Hangul: 말아톤) [2005]

    Marathon is a 2005 South Korean movie directed by Jeong Yoon-chul based on the true story of Bae Hyeong-jin, a runner with autism.  The movie follows the story of an autistic young man, Cho-Won (Jo Seung-woo), who finds release only in running.  As he gets older, he begins to find a passion for running and his mother is there to encourage and support him.

    Runtime: 117 min
    Language: Korean (available with English subtitles)

That’s over 300 minutes worth of video, so start doing your movie marathon now!

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