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Don’t Panic, Its Organic! Natural and Organic Products Expo

B99 in partnership with Health Matters is coming up with the first natural and organic products expo entitled Don’t Panic, Its Organic! at the Filinvest Tent on June 05 to 07, 2015.  This is to promote natural, sustainable and healthy lifestyles, natural and organic products.  It will encompass four main focuses including the Natural Food, Natural Beauty and Spa, Natural Living and Health and Nutrition.

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Santé Barley’s Domination Run and the Santé-RUNNEX Running Clinic

In a media conference held last August 09, 2013, Santé Barley launched the Santé Barley Domination Run and also promoted the Santé-RUNNEX Running Clinic.  The launch was headed by their CEO, Mr. Joey Marcelo, and their celebrity endorser Mr. Kim Atienza.

Mr. Kim Atienza, a Santé Barley user, speaking at the launch of the Domination Run

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Wet, Wild, and Healthy

It’s the second day of my Bohol trip, and today’s theme: wet, wild, and healthy!  It’s an entire day of getting close to nature with most likely risk of getting wet and close encounters with wild life.  Let’s start the tour.

Beginning my day with delicious Filipino breakfast

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