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Yet Another Round of Road Trip: Ortigas – BHS via EDSA

Last night was supposedly my speed run session at Ultra, but the urge to meet my running buddies got the best of me and just decided to do an easy run.  I was also a bit concerned with my calves aching a little (most likely due to the cramps I got from swimming last Sunday) and my still present plantar fasciitis so a long easy run should be good for recovery.

With the typical rush hour comes heavy traffic.  Still having a runner’s high from my weekend road run I decided to just run from the office all the way to BHS, this time via EDSA since there’s a much higher probability that I’d get there faster via foot than via any vehicle.

Running on roads does have its sets of perils.  Aside from the obvious, what I didn’t plan for was the really muddy road en route to BGC.  It was raining periodically throughout the day and as a result, thick, heavy, mud!  I was really sorry to see my Kayano looking like it went through some heavy trails, but then again this experience adds spice to an otherwise “regular” run.

Arriving at BHS I soon saw the Running Diva already doing her laps and soon after some of my running buddies along with some new “recruits.”  BHS is just a little over 5K from Ortigas so I was a little short of target.  I decided to join my friends in their laps around BHS to complete my target right after being spared of my backpack (thanks Rico for accommodating my load!).  I was carrying my office backpack all throughout this run and being able shed of a few kilograms weight was a relief!  Carrying extra weight while running can be thought of as training, but then this was just circumstantial and given the choice of course I would’ve preferred otherwise.

My weeknight run route: Ortigas - BHS via EDSA

My weeknight run route: Ortigas - BHS via EDSA

In the end I was able to do my training and “socialize” with my friends at the same time.  It really is just a matter of prioritizing and time management (a.k.a. how addicted you are to running).  Total distance for a weeknight run: 12.91K.

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