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MultiSport 101 Camp 2013 Leg 1

(Press Release) Learn how to Swim, Bike, Run at MultiSport 101 Camp 2013.  The first Running leg kicks off this Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 5:30 AM – 8:30 AM at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center with Coach Michelle Estuar and Coach Titus Salazar.  Registration is FREE!*

*Registration is free for all MultiSport Philippines Magazine subscribers.

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Behind the Scenes: Pico Tri Invitational 2013

I’ve been very privileged to have been part once again of Pico Tri Invitational for the second year in a row, and this year’s event saw the event grew much bigger than the previous.  Here’s a behind the scenes look back at this event that happened last April 06, 2013.

Spectators eagerly awaiting the first ones to come out of the swim leg

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Filipino Triathletes Invited to 2012 XTERRA Guam Championship Event

The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) is inviting professional and amateur triathletes in the Philippines to join in the 2012 XTERRA Guam Championship Off-Road Triathlon.  The annual XTERRA Guam race is set for March 10, 2012 and it promises to be the biggest triathlete sporting event in Guam.

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A Year Into Running: It Started With A Miracle

Sunday, August 17, 2008 marked the birth of the runner in me.  It was the first ever Miracle Run by Men’s Health Magazine (Philippines) and it was my first ever race.  I, together with several of my colleagues, decided to join this run for the benefit of GMA Kapuso Foundation so that in our own little way we could share some of our blessings and have fun at the same time.  Little that we know that that fun run would open the door to something that would change our lives forever—the world of running.

I can still remember the trouble I had on what to wear that day.  Naturally I didn’t have any clothes for running so I just grabbed whatever I had—basketball shorts I use at the gym, the most decent shoes I got I can use for running, badminton socks, bandana I got from our company’s previous summer outing, and the event shirt we got for the event.  Not a single sign of a runner.

Since we really intend to just have fun and “test the waters” we opted to join the 5K leg of the race (there was also a 10K leg).  None of us had practice nor training of any form at that time so a 5K distance very intimidating.  That’s an entire 5,000 meters!

The world as seen through a Lomo lens.
Courtesy Mitch Enriquez

Last year the 5K event was in the form of a relay (two members of a group running 5K each) so we planned who would be the first and second liners, and have a buddy during our runs.  That system worked surprisingly well for me and my buddy as despite conversing the entire 5K and having a “chillax” pace we finished the entire 5K in 33 minutes.  We even thought that had we taken the race a little seriously we would’ve finished in less than 30 minutes, but finishing our first race was already an accomplishment for us.  And of course before and after the race tons of pictures were taken.

After the race.
Courtesy Patrick Oliveros

The Great Divide

Back then I was clueless of when the next race would come about.  I didn’t even knew back then that existed (but just Googling around I was able to find thebullrunner and it’s still one of my favorite sites) so for the following few weeks we didn’t have any runs.  Back then runs and races were synonymous to us—there was neither group runs nor running clinics than that we knew of.  Despite the good momentum we gained the next race that we knew we could join was almost two months away: the adidas King of the Road.  The earliest race we could join was actually the Nike Human Race but disappointingly it required that you have their Sportsband to join (which was very expensive for a starting runner like me).  That was my first heartache as a runner—not being able to join a run because I’m not tech savvy enough (feels discriminating).  It was a good thing that the next one, from adidas, was worth the wait.

Breakfast bonding, no divides here.
Courtesy Leah Garcia


Yet Another 56K Ultra Weekend: Manila To Tagaytay Sequel (Continued)

Special thanks to Dr. Christopher “Ultra Doc T” Montaos, for the pictures

Part 2: Dasmariñas to TagayTay from a Different Perspective

Around 6:00AM somewhere between KM 31 and 32 the KM 0 group was joined by “fresh legs” for the journey to Tagaytay.  This was the real challenge to the runabout as the elevation and gradient begins to rise.

More picture-taking before heading off

Doing some last minute routines*

6:30AM off we go for Tagaytay (clustered by pace)

Doc T capturing the middle of the action

About 10K later… it does get a little boring. By this time it was just Doc T, McCoy, and I in our group.

Together with McCoy… I can almost smell Tagaytay from here (around Km 45)

Snoozed a little…

The long rising road to Tagaytay

More roads… just before Km 50 (are we there yet?)

Then came the laborious counting down of the kilometers, one at a time, surely but surely we’d get there.  By about Km 53 we we’re finally greeted by a welcoming sign…

Finally! (Photo from my previous pass through here)

Finally just before noon our 56K ultra adventure ended.  Same route for me, but with different company.  It may not have been a very fast runabout but it managed to give birth to two new ultra-runners Doc T and McCoy.  Later on I found out that they were actually the only two “newbies” that completed the entire 56K journey—I was expecting that more Km 0 runners completed it as well (as they were mostly ahead of us) and knowing this fact made me more proud of what these guys did.

Thanks Doc T for this great souvenir photo!

Doing an ultra is not an easy task and I’m glad that we who already had experience with it got a chance to share the experience.  Congratulations Doc T and McCoy for finishing your first ultra!   I’m proud to be with your company and am honored to have shared the experience of your first marathon distance, and later your first ultramarathon runabout.   It may not be an official race but now you’re both officially ultra-runners!  Congratulations as well to the “fresh legs” whom all completed their 20K++ runabout!  Talk about a bunch of dedicated runners!

Doc T and I arriving at Doc Eire’s place*

The end of an ultra-runabout… thank you Doc Eire for being the generous host for the end of this adventure (and the tasty champorado)

The toll of running outside—tan lines and sun burn!*

Together with some of the “fresh legs”*

* Courtesy of Carina “The Flying Boar”

Calorie-wise I noticed that I took in a lot more fluids and food during this runabout than my previous one. Aside from this time being more humid than the previous, it seems that the longer you run (time-wise) the more calories you burn (as expected) thus wanting more food. It was good that we had support vehicles for this trip (thanks to James and Doc Art) so we didn’t have to haul our supplies ourselves and it’s a good fallback for those who can’t continue the run.

As for my GF405 I knew it wouldn’t last the journey with GPS on so I stopped tracking from Dasmariñas (since the kilometer markers were pretty accurate anyway) so I still had batteries to spare when we got to Tagaytay—a first!

It was a long and difficult weekend but it was fun and very much worthwhile. New ultra-runners were born and new bonds were formed. Until our next adventures guys!


Yet Another 56K Ultra Weekend: Manila To Tagaytay Sequel

It was a race-less weekend last Sunday so what else does a runner do but to find an interesting run. An ultramarathon distance route isn’t exactly a prerequisite but in order to share that ultramarathon experience I decided to join my friends at their first attempt at an ultra—where else but in the same route that we took about three months ago—Luneta (Km 0) to Tagaytay (Km 56).

Part 1: Luneta (Km 0) to Dasmariñas, Cavite
(approx. Km 30) in Pictures

The gang meeting near Km 0 just before midnight

The brave ones who opted to start from Km 0

Finally I had a chance to get a picture with this babe

One last picture before heading off…

About half an hour after midnight, ready, set…

…56K here we go!

Our Km 0 support vehicle

Running along Roxas Blvd.

The first “pic-stop” midway along Roxas Blvd.

Second stop before running parallel to Coastal Road

Third stop, finally in Bacoor, Cavite for some carbo-loading

Another stop at a gas station to regroup…

…and have some pictures taken

Entering Dasmariñas, Cavite…

Finally by stroke of daylight we were joined by “fresh legs,” still in Dasmariñas

About halfway through our ultra-runabout more runners joined the pack as well as another support vehicle. The good thing about this leg was that you’re sure of company because of the number of runners in the group. Unfortunately everything goes uphill from here, literally, so the “real” challenge was just about to begin.

(To be continued)

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