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Together, 24/7? The Case of Wearable Fitness Trackers

Unless you do not have any slight care about gadgets, you must have stumbled to at least one of these wearable fitness trackers that flood the market.  After all, just about every manufacturer who can is making these.  But are they really nothing more than niche products, or do they really offer something we have yet realized we need?

One of the recent wearable fitness trackers to arrive in the Philippines: Samsung Gear Fit

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Gear Review: Soleus GO!

Not another fitness band!  Surely fitness bands are everywhere, coming in all forms and sizes, but I never thought that I’d be practically inseparable from this seemingly humble device that is the Soleus GO.

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Soleus GO! and Soleus Pulse Launched in the Philippine Market

Soleus had just launched two new and distinct items to the Philippine market: one is the Soleus GO! which marks Soleus’ entry to the fitness band market and the other being the Soleus Pulse which is a one-of-a-kind GPS tracker that has a heart rate monitor built right into the band.

The latest addition to the Soleus product lineup: Soleus GO! (top) and Soleus Pulse (bottom)

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