Skechers Flagship Store Opens in Glorietta

Skechers Philippines recently launched their flagship store in Glorietta and I was lucky to have witnessed the event firsthand. Here are some of the outtakes and what to expect in store.


And after a very, very long hiatus, I’m back to mark 14 years of this blog’s existence!  I’ve been away for so long that I don’t know where to start writing!  Nonetheless, I’m still glad that you’re still here.  Thank you for the continued support!

Red 🧧

And just like that, January has passed.  And it’s a new year, too, based on lunar calendars.

Remaining Holidays (Philippines, 4Q 2021)

The last quarter of the year is here!  And it looks like this is one of the less favorable years for Filipinos as our remaining holidays fell on weekends and some special holidays were cancelled.