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Boracay Chronicles 2016: Belated Summer

It felt like forever since I last enjoyed the shores of Boracay and it’s about time to return!  I may have missed summer, but any time is a good time to be at one of the best beaches in the country.

Boracay Island seen from above

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West Coast Chronicles: Santa Monica Beach

The Philippines has some of the best beaches in the world so I’ve never really had the urge to look for one abroad.  And I definitely didn’t expect that the first beach that I’d actually step onto outside the country would be in the United States!  Here’s my first beach experience outside the Philippines.


Santa Monica

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Weekend at Puerto Galera

Summer will not be complete without at least one visit to the beach.  Boracay would be the obvious choice for many, but since all flights are fully booked (which means the little island would be crowded, which I hate), we didn’t bother dreaming of going there.  Instead, we decided to go to the much closer Puerto Galera.

White beach, Puerto Galera

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Preview: Puerto Galera Weekend

We had the chance to visit Puerto Galera last Labor Day weekend so I didn’t have the time, again, to write some new blog post but I did however manage to capture some videos capturing some of Puerto Galera’s splendor: its crystal clear waters and stunning sunset.

I just love the clear waters of Puerto Galera!

We were graced with this spectacular sunset on our last full day in Puerto Galera

Will hopefully find time to write about Puerto Galera, soon!  I hope you too had a great weekend! 😀


Back on the Trails of Hamilo Coast: Salomon XTrail Run

After a long time of hiatus from joining races, I finally got back.  And it was Salomon XTrail Run that got me back on my feet for my first race of the year.  I can’t say no when Salomon invited me, and I can’t miss the chance of running in one of my favorite places in the Philippines, Hamilo Coast.

A route marker of Salomon XTrail Run

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Bohol + Cebu (2014): The Beaches of Panglao

After having our delightful breakfast at Metro Center Hotel in Tagbilaran, we were off to Panglao Island.  When you put the words Bohol and beach together, Panglao would most likely be the place that would come on top on people’s minds.

Wait for us, Alona!

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Throwback Thursday: Pangasinan Adventures

I’ve no idea who started this “Throwback Thursday” (TBT) idea, but I think it’s nice to look back on some old fond memories every once in a while.  My first TBT would be one of my first great adventure with friends in the province of Pangasinan, way back in 2002!

Does this scene look familiar?  This is the view from the top of Governor’s Island, the largest in a group of islands in the province of Pangasinan collectively known as “The Hundred Islands.

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