Boracay Chronicles 2016: Belated Summer

It felt like forever since I last enjoyed the shores of Boracay and it’s about time to return!  I may have missed summer, but any time is a good time to be at one of the best beaches in the country.

Boracay Island seen from above

We arrived at the island via Caticlan Airport.  I’d say it had improved greatly from the last time I remember it and even the runway now could accommodate bigger aircraft.  It’s just a short ride away from the port leading to Boracay Island which is pretty convenient.

On our way to the island
Travel Tip: From the tricycle station near the airport, you can already get a roundtrip ticket from the airport (by tricycle) to the island (by boat) and vice versa which also includes all the fees that the local government charges.
Welcome drink from our hotel

This time around, I’m coming into Boracay towards the end of June.  School is back so I was expecting that there weren’t that many tourists, but that’s not exactly accurate.  Nonetheless, I can’t exactly say that it’s crowded.

Our appetizer while waiting for our meals at Nigi Nigi Nu Noos.  It is crazy good especially with their vinegar!
My first meal in paradise 😛
White beach
The signature sand castles of white beach
The crowd at Station 2
I just love the feeling of sands beneath my feet

As the sun started coming down, people started coming out to the beach to watch another Boracay spectacle—the stunning sunset.  Of course I wouldn’t want to miss my first Boracay sunset.

Green algae unfortunately still line some parts of the beach
A typical paraw of Boracay
My first sunset this trip
Sitting by the beach having some drinks as the sun slowly sets in the horizon…
Some fire dancers entertain the crowd…
Our hotel lap pool

You can say that our first day is pretty much uneventful, but we have three more days for adventure! 😀

Boracay Chronicles 2016

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