Boracay 2023 Chronicles – Last Call (Part 3)

Bulabog beach was our last frontier on this trip and I found it surprising how it had a totally different vibe from the rest of Boracay.

Catching sunrise at Bulabog beach.

It felt more like being in a surf town like San Juan, La Union or Baler, Aurora.  It was very quiet and laid back, and the stores at the beach front catered to water activities.  It had always been the windier side of the island that’s why it’s unsurprising that it’s the island’s spot for wind surfing and similar activities.  When we arrived early in the afternoon, there were hardly anyone at the beach despite the perfectly good weather.

Lazy afternoon at Bulabog beach.

One of the things we immediately noticed was how nice the beachfront was.  The road was paved and everything was organized.  I think I got mesmerized that I totally forgot to take any photo!  I think we were too busy focusing on getting to the twin beach area at the other side and enjoying the windy weather that we didn’t realize it.

Kite surfing, anyone?

While it’s all sand at white beach, it’s mostly sea grasses at Bulabog beach giving it a much darker look, despite having pretty much the same type of sand as white beach.  But as there are much less establishments and tourists at this part, it doesn’t receive as much attention as the other side and cleanup isn’t that prioritized.  Nonetheless, it’s a great spot to spend the warm tropical afternoon doing nothing but enjoy the breeze.

The other end of Bulabog where the “twin beach” can be seen, among other things.

The good thing about Bulabog beach is its proximity to D’Mall.  So once we got hungry, we just walked back and tried a few more items we haven’t tasted yet.  And as always, we looked for a spot late in the afternoon to catch the sunset.

One of the many popular desserts we discovered in D’Mall.

The following day was our last in the island so we decided to wake up early and catch the sunrise.  The closest from our hotel was Bulabog beach and so that’s where we spent our early morning.  There were also numerous tourists that awaited the sunrise with us along the beach, unfortunately nature had other plans.  It was quite cloudy that morning and the sun only peaked through the clouds minutes after it got over the horizon.

I then spent the next few hours of the morning to put in one last run at the beaches of Boracay, before having my breakfast and finally packing.

Boracay sign just outside D’Mall.
One last visit to the Grotto.

On our way back to the airport, we just took a tricycle to bring us to the port.  Upon arriving at the mainland, we took another tricycle to bring us to the airport.  The old airport is the one used for Departures.  It’s just weird that the entrance for Philippine Airlines is different from the rest, but they’re not that far apart.  There’s really not much inside the airport so I kind of regret that I didn’t buy the food I liked before entering.  I settled for some convenience store-level coffee and hotdog for my last meal.  Nonetheless, the airport has a second floor that’s spacious and air-conditioned where you can watch the planes land and depart.  The wind turbines can also be seen from within the waiting area.

The planes load on the other side of the airport, near the Arrivals Terminal, so passengers will be loaded into buses to be carried where the plane is.  And from there, we had to take a flight of stairs to enter the plane.  I can’t imagine how challenging it would be when it rains or you have disability.  Hopefully they get to complete their new terminal soon for the convenience of everyone.  And hopefully, I don’t wait as long before I return to the island.

Until next time, Boracay!

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