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17 Run Fest 2017 Pacer Recap

I’m back once again for another pacer duty, this time with the 21K leg of Run Fest 2017.  Here’s my recap of one of the most festive running events of the year.

At the 21K starting line, moments before gun start.

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13 Runfest: Happiness Runfest is one of the races that I always look forward to each year for sentimental reasons.  I always think of it as “pioneer” group’s annual reunion, back from the days when race registration cost ₱250 and a big race does not exceed thousand runners. Runfest 2013 21K Finisher’s Medal

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DNS 101: Registered, Plate Unavailable

How does a running community celebrate its anniversary?  By running of course! held its first Runfest to celebrate the occasion last Sunday.  It was the last race I signed up for before I got injured, one of the rare few that charged below P500 as registration fee, and definitely one of my most anticipated races for the year!  Unfortunately, the gods of running had other plans for me.


Since registration fees became ridiculously expensive for my budget and my knee was injured signing up for races had been the last thing on my mind, and as such became out of habit.  Running still is, but racing?  I’m not going to set new PRs with my knee anyway so there hardly any motivation to race.  And since it was no longer a habit there’s a natural tendency to overlook something.

Ten hours before the race I realized something—I had completely forgotten to bring home my race kit from the office!  There were three options then on my mind: (a) get my kit from the office, (b) run without a race bib, or (c) none of the above!


It seems anomalous to be in the office on a Saturday night, not to mention all the time I’d lose in the process, so it’s not very inciting.  Running without a race bib, a.k.a. “bandit” seems to be the more convenient option.  I’m registered anyway so I’m “eligible” to participate but people won’t know that since I won’t be wearing my race bib.  I don’t want to encourage anyone to run “bandit” on any race, particularly on a race celebrating running, so leading by example I discarded that idea.  So what’s plan C?  Sleep it off :(.  Sure I can still join the celebration as a volunteer but I knew I’d just be envious of those running that I might be tempted to run “bandit.”  Besides the temptation of a good, long sleep was too difficult to resist.

Tantrum Run

I missed the chance of running at “race pace” (which I haven’t done this year) but a resourceful runner always find ways.  So that the weekend will not be wasted I settled to just doing my regular easy run whenever I’m not racing—from home to SM Fairview (via Commonwealth Ave. and Regalado Ave.), slightly more than 6K.  This is actually longer than the 5K race I signed up for. 🙂

I actually started doing this run from a crazy “green” idea of saving money and carbon emission from the commute each time I needed to do the groceries or go to the gym. You helped save the environment and you got your run!  Too bad there’s little chance of me setting new PRs with this route either since each time I do it I always carry a bag with at least 1.5kg weight (700g netbook for surfing via Wi-Fi, 500mL of sports drink, change clothes, etc.) and the route is practically uphill.  And yes, that 6K run serves as my “warm-up” before pumping some iron. 🙂

Celebrate Running

Congratulations to Mr. Jinoe Gavan for a successful Runfest and thank you for your brainchild,  Congratulations also to everyone that made this event a success!  To my family whom I miss dearly I hope to see you soon!

DNS is my name removing the repeating letters and vowels.  In the internet it could pertain to the Domain Name System.  In racing it is a term for a competitor failing to start the race (Did Not Start).  In this context however it may as well refer to Did Not Show. 🙂


Summoned by the gods of running…

Last Wednesday, amidst the ruckus and chaos known as office work, a mysterious package arrived from the gods of running…

I was nestled deep within the realms of programming when all of a sudden I was informed of such package:

Guard: Sir, you have a delivery

RP: Who, me?  Really?  (Dumbfounded, still processing scripts in his mind) 🙄

Then there it was!  His messenger disguised as a delivery boy handing the package over to me in exchange for blood, I mean signature.  The gods of running has pulled me out of the pits of labor and reminded me of my calling!

Gods of running to RP: you have been summoned!  Celebrate our feast!  Celebrate running!

RP: Yes master (in a “hypnotized” emotionless tone)… will celebrate run fest… 😯

To all who have been summoned, I’ll see you on the 25th! 😈


Ask RP: Buying Shoes

I’ve been receiving quite a handful of enquiries lately from various fronts about all sorts of topics, and so for the convenience and benefit of all stakeholders I decided to post my replies here.  While I don’t claim to be “all-knowing” and didn’t intended this it’s probably inevitable with any runners with presence online.

Without further ado I’ll be replying to the latest question I received via Facebook about buying a running shoe.  I received this question from someone who’d be doing his first 5K race on runfest, and as such is asking tips on buying his first running shoes.

RP’s Reply:

I’m not a shoe guru so I don’t think I’m qualified to answer this question but I’ll point you to parties that could: Runnr (Bonifacio High Street and Ayala Center Cebu) and Secondwind (Teachers Village, Quezon City and Ortigas Home Depot, Pasig City).  Both these stores feature gait analysis so they can recommend the most suitable shoes (stability, neutral, motion control, cushioning, etc.) for your foot type.  Gait analysis involves running on an in-store treadmill and as such your pronation can be determined and at the same time your arch type (low or “flat footedness,” neutral, or high) can be also identified.  Even your foot strike (forefoot, midfoot, or heel) can be determined with this test which is free whenever you buy a pair.  This indeed is the scientific approach to picking the right “solemates.”

Form vs. Function

For many of us choosing the right shoe is as simple as picking the one that matches our taste.  Everyone I think was guilty of that at least at some point in their lives and even if you know which types are for you, you’d of course pick the design you like best.  But there would be a time when that pair that you really, really love isn’t right for you and you’re stuck with “ugly” options, what would you do?  Well think about this, would you rather look good, or feel good?  With running shoes you may not always get the design you want but eventually you’d grow to appreciate your pair since your shoes would be your best friend out there while you’re running.  We don’t really pick our friends based on looks, right?

Naming Names

I’m quite lucky to have a normal arch and natural forefoot strike so as such most non-specialized shoes are good for me.  With so many brands out there the ones that worked well for me were adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike, and my current long distance racing shoes, K-Ona by K-Swiss.  I’m also quite interested with Mizuno (particularly Musha II), Newton, Brooks, and Vibram Five Fingers but I haven’t tried any pairs yet (ehem hehe :D).  Lately I’m leaning towards lightweight or barefoot-simulating shoes and am shying away from very technical ones, but if you’re starting out it I suggest you follow recommendations based on your foot, arch, and strike.


Since your shoes would be your best friend for quite some time it would be better to invest on it.  A good pair starts at around P3,000 and should last at least 500 kilometers.  I suggest that if you have a budget dedicate one pair for race day and one pair for training.  If you think your total costs would reach P6,000 or more you may also want to consider getting a Score Card for added insurance (your discount from partner merchants is enough to pay for the card).  Finally, try to visit shoe stores every once in a while for unannounced sales and promotions.

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