Summoned by the gods of running…

Last Wednesday, amidst the ruckus and chaos known as office work, a mysterious package arrived from the gods of running…

I was nestled deep within the realms of programming when all of a sudden I was informed of such package:

Guard: Sir, you have a delivery

RP: Who, me?  Really?  (Dumbfounded, still processing scripts in his mind) 🙄

Then there it was!  His messenger disguised as a delivery boy handing the package over to me in exchange for blood, I mean signature.  The gods of running has pulled me out of the pits of labor and reminded me of my calling!

Gods of running to RP: you have been summoned!  Celebrate our feast!  Celebrate running!

RP: Yes master (in a “hypnotized” emotionless tone)… will celebrate run fest… 😯

To all who have been summoned, I’ll see you on the 25th! 😈

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  1. rainier says:

    hehe. nice one. also got mine yesterday. 😀


  2. RUNNING DIVA says:

    Nice. I was also summoned by your post to check who the gods are. 😉 I bet it was Mercury. Do well and be safe.


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