Can You Still Run?

Barely—that would be my response to this question. The constant lockdowns do take their toll, but I think we still can do something about it.

Steps Tracking without a Tracker

With public transportation still far from being back to normal, chances are you’ll be walking if the distance isn’t that far. Wouldn’t it be better if you’re able to track how many steps you’re doing on a daily basis even without a dedicated tracker?

The Longest Way From Beijing to Ürümqi

While my fingers were busy exploring the vastness of cyberspace last night, I stumbled upon one great adventure of epic proportion by Christoph Rehage: he walked 4,646K through China!


It started with my search for the exact length of the mile in kilometers when I stumbled upon a popular 19th century sport Pedestrianism. Pedestrianism is a 19th century form of competitive walking from which the modern sport of Racewalking developed.  By the end of the 18th century, feats of foot travel over great distances…