VSO Kabahagi Ako FUNdrasing RUN Afterthoughts

Another race completed, and what’s good about it is it’s also for charity. I consider this run my “birthday run” because it was held two days after my birthday (which was on the 7th of November). I actually thought that I won’t do well because I feel a bit sick before the run, but by the “healing powers” of running I felt better even before the run started.

The sun was already up before the race started.

Late! Late! Late!

I was very indecisive about joining this race, primarily because of the thought that I’d be running alone: no one I knew confirmed joining. Then there’s this issue of if I’m ready for 15K or take the usual 10K. In the end I decided to join even if I’d be the lone representative of our group, and to take “only” 10K to prepare myself for Urbanathlon the following week. Because of all these “thinking” I registered quite late, two days before the race date. I usually register the first chance I get so this was a downer for me, and I even thought that I was so late they run out of singlets (later I found out that early registrants were not issued singlets as well).

I actually thought I was one of the latest registrants because my race number was quite high (1301) but come race day I saw a lot with much higher race numbers!

Desperate Runner

Day before the race: Jan sent me a text message telling me that the singlets were available. Instead of resting I dragged myself all the way from Fairview to R.O.X. to get mine, only to find out they run out of small sizes!

Ieeeee!!! (read as ee-yeh, Japanese for nooooo!!!)

But then again I thought at the time that this happens to “late registrants.” I can’t do anything at that point so I just as well got the medium sized singlet. I was supposed to wear the race singlet nonetheless but unfortunately their medium singlet was too big for me (I could probably wear my backpack inside). I always prefer it to be fitting as much as possible to avoid chaffing, so in the end I went back to wearing my trusty adidas King of the Road singlet (I’ve worn this in every race I’ve had since KOTR).

New PR

There are quite some things I got from this race. Probably the best was beating my PR (Personal Record) in both 5K and 10K. For 5K (midrace turn) it was about 25 minutes and for 10K it was about 53 minutes, both unofficial. For the latter it was 3 minutes better than my previous so I’m really proud of it. It doesn’t even come close to the winning time but races such as this is against yourself and time. Winning a race is just another benefit but even record holders still face up against themselves.

10K Express

This was also the first time that I run continuously, no rest at all. The only “rest” I got was running slow and downhills (thank God for downhills). Having your own hydration belt really helped as you avoid pit stops. If you don’t have one yet and can afford it, get yourself one it’s worth it. I realized in past races that slowing down to get drinks from water station is a temptation to rest, walk, and for others even to stop. If you were aiming for races longer than 10K like me, in my opinion it’s best that you develop your stamina to endure 10K without stopping.

Alone at 7 (K)

This race was really interesting because for the first time I’ve had a lot of “solo” moments: no runners up front and at the back (that I’m aware of). Going to the 7K mark I really felt like it’s just me against myself as I was virtually alone on the road. Of course it was very tempting to take your own picture since no one’s around to spoil it but then again you’re still in a race so might as well have it taken on the finish line. And, like a wish come true, I did have my “photo-finish.” I was alone again on the last stretch of the race and this photographer got my photo as I approach the finish line (I pretended not to notice by not looking at the camera for added dramatic effect). I sure hope he’s going to put it online (even if he sells it I’m buying it, especially if the shots were great).


Takbo.ph, an online portal for runners, we get just about every info about upcoming races including registration forms and race results from here. As a new member I haven’t got a chance to meet them personally but this race served as a mini eyeball for all of us. It started with the takbo.ph visor (on sale for only P100 until November 30, 2008, P120 afterwards, membership not required). This was one of the designated races for picking up the merchandise so as other members are getting their order we were seeing and meeting each other. All I can say is that they were all friendly and it’s nice to meet new people with the same interest as you.

Zixednats, Elizabeth, Serge, JanMike, Joel, dhenztm, Jinoe, Chizcake… the gang from takbo.ph

Overall I can say that this was one of the better races I’ve been even if it was the same route as the previous OctobeRu n Festival. As for our team, there were only three of us but the interesting fact is that we covered all categories (Joel took 5K, I took 10K, and Jan took the 15K). I wasn’t able to take the atypical 15K but I managed to break my PR with a good margin.

I really got myself spent with this run; I was snoozing on the bus on the way home (it’s good I wasn’t driving) but I’d do it again anytime. One of the best things to do after runs like this is eating like there’s no tomorrow!

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  1. dhenztm says:

    Edit: I just got the result from this race and I was just thrilled! I finished 22nd out of 271 male runners for 10K! This was my best result standing so far!


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