Racing Firsts

Every race that you participate in is unique. In every race, chances are, there are things that you take away with, a special memory perhaps, reunion with old friends, and of course firsts of some sort. Here are some of the firsts and notable memories that I had with the races I’ve had so far:

Miracle Run (5K)
Men’s Health Magazine (Philippines)
August 08, 2008

The start of something new…
  • First race, first 5K, first run in Fort Bonifacio.
  • First race we all wore the provided race shirt (we don’t have our running gears back then).
  • This is the race that started it all.
The original “Band of Runners”

King of the Road (10K)
Adidas (Philippines)
October 11, 2008

We all met but didn’t have a complete group picture
  • First 10K run.
  • First Saturday race.
  • First “real” race singlets.
  • First race I’ve had with the “right” set of gears.
  • The best race route I’ve had so far. They even managed to close half of the fly over from Fort Bonifacio to Buendia for this race.

OctobeRun Festival (10K)
The Fort Striders Club
October 26, 2008

My race kit
  • First 10K below an hour (official time).
  • First race that I didn’t wore the provided race shirt.
  • First race with no pictures.

Shake Rattle and Run (5K)
Isuzu (Philippines)
October 31, 2008

The Halloween Runners!
  • First night race.
  • First Friday race.
  • First costume/themed race (Halloween).
  • First race our group run the same distance (all 5K).
  • First race with rain.
  • First multi-lap race.
  • First race I used a hydration belt.

Another first for me for the month of October is that this is the first time I’ve had two races within a week, only five days apart (October 26, Sunday, OctobeRun and October 31, Friday, Shake Rattle and Run). I’m quite happy with this month because I’ve accumulated a total of 25K of racing experience.

More races are lined up for me this month of November. More adventures, more memories and more stories to tell. Of course this is just my side of the story, everyone have their own. If you don’t already have one, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start having your own! RUN!

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