Another Marathon: Movie Marathon?!

It’s a very long weekend here in the Philippines, December 25, 2008 to January 02, 2009 being a series of legal and special holidays—that’s eight days of no work to think about!  There are no more races left the year and the yuletide mood seems to direct us to parties and eating, so what activities can we do that’s close to running?  A movie marathon!

I don’t really have a long lineup of must see movies prepared but I do have two movie suggestions for watching at home.  The first one is a 2005 Korean movie entitled “Marathon (말아톤).”  It was recommended by fellow runners so I’m really eager to see it.  It was inspired by a true story of a boy with autism and love for running.  I haven’t seen this movie yet but it may help motivate those who aspire to run a marathon (myself included).

Marathon (말아톤) theatrical poster (2005), courtesy

If English subtitles aren’t your thing here’s a documentary movie I could also suggest: “Bigger Stronger Faster.”  This one is about steroids and its use (illegally?) on sports.  I got interested in this topic when I had an injury and my doctor told me of a possibility of being injected by one on my knee.

Bigger Stronger Faster (2008)
Bigger Stronger Faster theatrical release poster (2008), courtesy

I’m sure there are tons of running-related movies out there I still am not aware of so feel free to give me a shout out.  I’ve already seen the latter and I plan to see the first one during my break.  Then maybe I could squeeze in a few trips to the gym for some treadmill-calls.

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  1. i2runner says:

    Dennis, when I clicked the picture, to “”, it showed “MALATON”, not “MARATHON”!!! I almost died laughing!!!

    > Hehe that’s true. Korean alphabet doesn’t distinguish between ‘R’ and ‘L’ so it could be read both ways, although I think it was a typo error on the site (should be ‘MARATON’).

    I found the link and poster I intended to put so the post is updated 🙂


  2. jinoe says:

    This Korean Movie was really inspiring. Tear Jerker din.


  3. cathydaza says:

    Aww, I want a copy of ‘Malaton’! You have one, Den?

    Natawa ko sa comment ni Nats. MALATON!!! LOL 🙂

    > haha… meron… may diskette ka? hehe joke. usap na lang tayo sa email. 🙂


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