runningpinoy OFW?

The longest travel time I’ve ever had to endure, after more than 17 hours, 4 airports, 2 plane types, and an International Date Line crossing, I finally arrived at my destination: Columbus, Ohio.  I’ll be spending sometime here for business, and for leisure I intend to continue running, even if it’s still winter, especially now that I find the climate here was within my tolerance limits (so far).

I arrived in the US via Detroit, MI with 30F temperature and just about everything was covered in snow.  That temperature was below the freezing point (of water) and that caused us some delays—all airplanes leaving had to go through a deicing procedure before flying.  Less than an hour later (via plane) in Columbus it was 35F, just above freezing but warm enough not to cause a build up of snow (although there were very little amounts of it) so it was a stark contrast—it almost looked like autumn here.  Because of the modest snow fall here I was only able to experience snow falling on my hands but not play on it (unlike in Detroit where it’s everywhere!).

A tram right inside Detroit International
A tram right inside Detroit International
Deicing a plane
Deicing a plane

Even if the temperature here just plays around 32F and no snow and ice on the road, wind-chill is still a factor to consider so running is really challenging.  We arrived late in the afternoon so I wasn’t able to buy thermal clothes I can use for running.  I plan on running real soon and don’t be surprised if I posted a picture running in jeans!

P.S. I’ll post more pictures real soon! 😀

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