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We’ve all probably heard of sports drinks and energy drinks, power bars and gels, and the like but I’ve never heard of an energy shot. Yes it’s pretty close to an energy drink but I’ve never heard of any energy drink in the Philippines that claim several hours of “kick.” Here in Ohio I actually found variations of these “shots:” there’s the 5-hour and 7-hour shot, not to mention that I also found a spray version of these shots.

7 hour energy shots
As seen on TV: 7 hour energy shots that also come in different flavors

I was reluctant to buy any of these shots.  I found the spray version very interesting: to spray it for a few seconds below your tongue and you’re good to go, but I found it a bit too expensive to try so I passed on it.  Then I saw this 5-hour shot at the grocery, again I was tempted but not enough to give in.  It was even advertised on TV but still I wasn’t convinced to gibe it a try.  Then a visit to a pharmacy changed my mind—the product had a promo and with so many add-on discount the final price became so cheap it was almost a give away (believe it or not, even when compared to Philippine prices).  I originally started to buy 2 bottles to share with a friend to try it out, but when we figured its final price, we got 4 bottles each.  Here in Ohio you can’t really tell the final price of any product since they usually don’t post how many times a discount is applied (you haven’t seen the real definition of a sale unless you come to the US, trust me), add to that the additional city and/or state tax which varies with the locale.  And it’s also not easy going to shops here in Ohio because you need to drive a few minutes to get to a store so we bought more in case it actually worked—if it didn’t it’s not much of a loss.

Supplement facts: it only has 4 calories per serving but look at how much vitamin B6 and B12 it has per serving
Supplement facts: it only has 4 calories per serving but look at how much vitamin B6 and B12 it has per serving

As of press time I still haven’t tried this product so I can’t really say if it actually worked.  Like a lot of products here in the US the manufacturer claims that you may return the product for a refund if you’re not completely satisfied but I don’t think it’s worth the effort if that case happened.  It’s a risk I took to find an alternate to power gels (which I haven’t found the time to look for here) and sports or energy drinks.  If you see me running on March 22 and drinking one you’d probably know how it fared.

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  1. runningshield says:

    tHIS PRODUCT I HAVE TO TRY. where in the phil can you buy them,
    thank you

    > I actually first saw it here in the US so I don’t know if this product even reach Philippine shores, hehe. Maybe online it’s available but then again I haven’t tried looking for it there since it’s prevalent in groceries and pharmacies here. 🙂


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