Singapore Special: Solo Flight (Day 04)

Bags packed, ready to go—not for home, not just yet.  For my last day in Singapore my good ol’ friend Ernie who’s now based in Singapore was kind enough to take me on a quick tour.  I had pretty little time but I was thankful I was able to visit places many of my friends weren’t able to.  Let’s start this Uniquely Singapore tour!

Last morning in Singapore

This is part of a series

View from our window: Bugis Junction
Hotel InterContinental, also across our hostel
Bugis Junction seems to be old structures refurnished for the 21st century
Just a few steps away was Singapore National Library
The library’s atrium
Books borrowed from the library can be returned anytime of the day through this terminal conveniently located at the lobby
The lobby was very spacious and conducive to reading
What’s inside the library
There’s also a café at the lobby
Very inviting library entrance

Travel Tip: Free Wi-Fi in Singapore is everywhere but unlike in the Philippines it requires a login (creating an account is free as well).

Waterloo Street
No feeding the birds
Sri Krishnan Temple
…with very intricate details
Still at Waterloo Street (doesn’t it look like a street in Manila?)
Chinese Temple
Uhm, a lion?
Another mall, The Cathay, blending the old with the new
Plaza Singapura
Istana Park
Metro Manila has big trees but Singapore has much more and bigger!
A divider in one of the pedestrian crossings in Orchard Road bearing the country’s symbol
Taking a quick round trip tour of Singapore via MRT

Travel Tip: With the MRT via North South (NS) and East West (EW) Lines you can virtually cover almost the entire island in roughly an hour and a half!

Clean and green Singapore
Despite having a small area it’s hardly crowded due to excellent urban panning
Back at Changi Airport, Terminal 2: this was as far as my friend can take me

Travel Tip: If you have a lot of spare time before your flight, grab a copy of Changi Airport’s brochure as there are a lot of activities you can do at the airport itself.  Since it is much like a mall and hotel combo I could even suggest that you dedicate hours before your flight to tour the airport!

Airline counters
F1 fever still on!
Scale model on display
Finding my gate
Too far too walk
Not window seat, again!

It definitely was a memorable trip for me and unexpectedly four days wasn’t enough to tour Singapore!  Now I definitely have reasons to return and next time I know better.  For when or what main activity would bring me back is yet decided, but is already considered.  Until the next time, thank you Singapore!

* * *

Singapore Special:

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  1. george says:

    Uhmm, im a newbie runner. Just started early this year. Though i’m still on the 5K limit, im hoping that by end of year, i can try the half marathon 21k.

    Reading through your articles, i realized that running is indeed fun and fulfilling. How i wish that, someday, i will have the same chance of going abroad just for a marathon. How’s that? hehe.

    Nice articles by the way. Good Job!


    1. dhenztm says:

      Hi George!

      Thank you for the compliment.

      You can make running as easy and fun (or difficult and boring) as you like, you’re the master and not anyone else! 😀

      Given the right attitude and preparation, one year is more than enough to bring you from a 5K to 21K (or beyond)! Only you can tell when you’re ready, don’t succumb to peer, time, or distance pressure. As per running abroad, time to start saving! (Tip: don’t join all races, hehe)


      1. george says:

        thanks for the tip. i’ll take that one. Some races are just way beyond my budget. hehe.

        Am starting to run now on my own ways, in any other place. With this, i hope to improve my stamina and could join a 21K race in CamSur by late this year. Why not? haha. 🙂


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