Visita Iglesia 2023

After four years of hiatus, finally, I was able to do a Visita Iglesia in person again.  This year, we did it around the city of San Pedro, Laguna. Here’s the route to the ten churches we visited.

Our Visita Iglesia route around the city of San Pedro, Laguna (click to open Google Maps). It is around 10 kilometers or about two-hours to walk, excluding the time spent inside each churches.

Here are the churches we visited in chronological order:

St. Peregrine Laziosi Parish & Diocesan Shrine
Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
San Antonio de Padua Chapel
Saint Jude Thaddeus Sub Parish
Nuestra Senora del Rosario Chapel
San Roque Chapel
Santo Niño Chapel
San Pedro Apostol Parish
San Vicente Ferrer Chapel
Landayan Church

Aside from being my first time to do a Visita Iglesia since the start of the pandemic, this year was also the first time I did it on a Maundy Thursday.  The tradition of visiting multiple churches during this day is very much alive in the city of San Pedro, Laguna that we got to see a lot of people on the streets, young and old, walking towards their next church.  Some walked barefoot, and some even carried an image of Christ on the cross. And as you can see in the last photo, Landayan Church was the most popular—pilgrimage is probably the appropriate term to use to describe the volume of people that went that night.  We didn’t get to enter or even see the inside of the church, but we’re thankful that we’re able to visit and have a glimpse.

Looking forward to doing more Visita Iglesia on foot in more years to come!

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