Palm Sunday at the Trails

March 28, 2010, Palm Sunday, at the trails of Timberland Heights.  The 4th All Terra King of the Mountain was staged, a unique event with trail running, biking, and both legs.  It was my first time to attend an event of such and it was also my first time in Timberland which was relatively close to my home in Quezon City.  Of course naturally I joined the 10K trail run which was unexpected (I was registered the day before the event!) and was due to the encouragement and sponsorship of Doc Art.

At the starting line with fellow trail runners

I didn’t think of joining this event until the last moment because I was really trying to rest my still injured knee.  I was motivated to join the event (instead of the original photographer role I planned) because some of my friends joining their first TNF50 will be doing their “dress rehearsals” during this event and I’d be joining them for some real time advise.  Unexpectedly the hydration bag that I recommended had a 50% price increase so some of them weren’t able to have their dress, I mean hydration bag during the event, and I still ended up being the photographer. 🙂

Practicing my “frustrations” with somebody else’s camera

Timberland is a great chic place on top of the mountains and being so close to nature it has a good sets of trails both for runners and bikers alike and at the same time its proximity to the city makes it very convenient to stage events like these.  I don’t think I’m fit to comment on the difficulty of the trails but as I’ve heard from many participants it was “difficult” or at least much more than that of Nuvali.  But as for me I enjoyed the trails while giving some advice to friends and taking pictures.  We probably enjoyed it too much though as we finished much longer than expected, although I still had my need-for-speed fix on the way back with my nervously controlled speed of around 21kph (around 3:00 pace, give or take a few seconds).

All Terra King of the Mountain 10K Trail Run Route

Overall the race was well-organized and had ample supply of water.  It was much more value-packed than road races we’re used to as it includes a nice shirt and a free meal all at a measly P350.  I had only pleasantries with this race and I look forward to more races in Timberland.  Good Job All Terra!  What a way to spend your Palm Sunday!

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  1. Art says:

    Nice blog Dhenz. Appreciate all your advice. More training needed for us! Haha.


    1. dhenztm says:

      Sayang nga Doc di namin kayo kasabay nakita nyo sana yung ibang ‘demo’ ko hehehe… di bale mas maganda yung susunod natin 🙂


  2. RunningAtom says:

    adik ka tlga sa takbo Denz… nice post btw, see you on the road.


  3. Hey bro, I was there too! Just asking, I think I crossed paths with you before. Are you the same Dennis who won the Youth Trip Backpacking Pilipinas contest? The one about creating your own itinerary in the metro?

    Cheers, man. Been following your blog and you’re doing some really fantastic things!


    1. dhenztm says:

      Yep I was the crazy one who did the EDSA tour! 😀
      Thank you for following my blog Sir! Cheers to the great outdoors!


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