Change Begins

As the Republic of the Philippines welcomes its 15th President, the doors of changes are wide open.  We may have been divided with our choices during the last elections but we all seek the same aspirations.  The time for the country to unite has come and let us rally behind our new President to support his campaigns.  It doesn’t mean just sitting on the sidelines, but participating on how we can help our country.

The inaugural speech of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III lasted for about 20 minutes (transcript with English translation via ABS-CBN News), mostly in Tagalog with the rest in English, was delivered in front of a crowd of about half a million in front of Quirino Grandstand by tradition.  It was of course broadcasted live on most local television stations and thankfully it was declared a special non-working holiday so many Filipinos were able to watch this historic event.

This was one of the few times that I intently listened as a political figure speaks, and this was one of the few times that I actually believed.  He may not have earned my vote during the elections but he did earn my respect and support with his speech.  I believe in his sincerity with his promises and I hope with God’s guidance he’d be able to keep it.  I also hope that we as citizens be vigilant to keep his governance stay on the “right path.”  Democracy works when everyone works together toward a common goal.  The election was just the start, real work begins now, and all of us are needed.  God bless the Philippines, the new administration, and the Filipino people.

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