Merrell Barefoot Collection Arives in the Philippines

Merrell Philippines has finally released their “barefoot” collection to the local market!  Of course it’s not the “real” barefoot running (which means absolutely no footwear) but minimalist running to be more accurate.  What’s with all the fuzz about minimalist running?  Here’s a brief story courtesy of Merrell:

April 08, 2011: The Philippine launch of Merrell Barefoot Collection at its concept store in Market! Market!

Merrell Barefoot Collection: Let your feet lead you

In 1960 Abebe Bikila was a late addition to the Ethiopian Olympic team, set to run the marathon.  When he didn’t like the way his shoes fit before the race, he decided to scrap them and race barefoot, the way he had trained.  Two hours and fifteen minutes later, he was Olympic champion, the hero of a nation and the first big name in barefoot running.

Almost 50 years later, Christopher McDougall publishes Born to Run, a book on the Tarahumara tribe in the remote mountains of Mexico and the unique yet efficient barefoot running style.  Slowly, people started notice barefoot running and its benefits.

With these in mind, Merrell partnered with Vibram® to produce an exclusive Barefoot Collection for the outdoor category.  Minimalist, lightweight, versatile, and efficient, the Merrell Barefoot Collection allows feet to grip authentic natural surfaces and lead sports enthusiasts into their preferred outdoor activities.

In partnership with Vibram

This new footwear style helps create a more natural stride because it encourages a forward momentum and mid-foot landing. It also provides a lower impact and an aligned and effortless gait.  The Merrell Barefoot Collection is designed to stimulate different muscles, strengthen the core, and improve agility.

Walking, running or going around barefoot is usually a unique and pleasurable experience for everyone.  People love being barefoot because it creates a connection with nature and what they’re doing.  But since most people aren’t willing to go to work, hike a trail, or ride a bike completely shoe-less (not to mention most restaurants and shops won’t let you completely barefoot), this new shoe styles are ideal for people who are looking for that connection.

* * * * *

Being an advocate of all things natural, I believe that nature knows best and our feet weren’t designed by nature with shoes in mind.  But on the other hand, we’ve come so long departed with nature that we somehow lost some of our natural adaptation.  Minimalist running allows us to be as close to the natural order of real barefoot running, gaining its benefits while at the same time reducing the risks.

Trail Glove

Trail Glove features

The Barefoot Collection for men includes the Trail Glove, True Glove, and Tough Glove.  All three styles are extremely lightweight and versatile and can take you from the trail to walking around town.  Personally, I prefer the Trail Glove because as the name suggest, it’s for trails!  Although, the other models are equally interesting…

True Glove

True Glove features

Ladies will take a liking for the Merrell Pace Glove, Power Glove, and Pure Glove.  All shoe models follow the Merrell’s credo “Performance Made Beautiful,” because they fit well and look good at the same time.  To tell you the truth if the colors were more “neutral” I would prefer these models because it’s much lighter than the men’s and also looks nice.

Pace Glove

Pace Glove features

Pure Glove

Pure Glove features

Merrell’s Barefoot Collection is now available at Merrell concept stores and all leading department stores.

Each purchase even comes with a video CD about barefoot training

The suggested retail price (SRP) for these are as follows:

  • Trail Glove: ₱4,095
  • True Glove: ₱3,995
  • Pace Glove: ₱3,795
  • Pure Glove: ₱3,495

* * * * *

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11 Comments Add yours

  1. Roelle says:

    Finally! Minimalist footwear! Me likey!

    Man, need to get myself in the loop in those launch invites. A good racket to get free shoes. Hehehe!


    1. dhenztm says:

      I just got lucky that I won one in the raffle 😛
      Anyhow it’s probably the cheapest shoes that launched lately in the market 🙂


  2. odie says:

    how much? i love merrell shoes – my trekking shoes and sandals are always merrell.


  3. Roy says:

    How much are the Trail Gloves?


  4. dhenztm says:

    I don’t have the SRP yet, I’ll update you guys once I have it…


  5. congrats dennis! hintay ko ung feedback mo sa trail gloves bago ako bumili 🙂


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thank you Daves! Will post a review as soon as I’m able to test it (kaso wala pa akong upcoming trail run)


  6. dhenztm says:

    Update: SRP (as of April 13, 2011) now added 🙂


  7. Th0m5k says:

    Do you wear these Gloves with or without socks?


    1. dhenztm says:

      With socks.


  8. fcrunner says:

    Dennis, recently I retired my True Gloves with about 625 miles on them. Yesterday, I received the new Bare Access shoe that feels similar to the Original Nike Free. A little more cushioning than the True and Trail Gloves, it’s a good shoe but I don’t feel it will last as long as the two mentioned.



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