A Very, Very G.O.O.D. Run

Exactly one week to this date, I’ve had a very, very good run with the G.O.O.D. Run—a race that I knew would be good, but far surpassed my expectations.

It was the second day of that back-to-back weekend of races for me, and I admit I was not really in the mood to run.  It was one of those “too lazy” days.  I didn’t even remember what time my race starts!  All I can remember was a 6AM gun start that I read somewhere, but am not sure if it was mine—but it sure was convenient it if were!

After dragging myself out of bed and sluggishly doing my morning habits, I found the strength to get out of the house to join the race.  When I looked at my bib I didn’t realize that I signed up for 10K so I was just scratching my head thinking “why did I sign up for a 10K?”

Good turnout for the event

Then came the commute… the cab that I got for BHS was really slow… believe me I was tempted to get the wheel from him and drive!  The driver was a bit “social” which translated into our slow pace, so I had to shut up and not entertain him much so we could get there faster.  At the back of my mind I was thinking that a 10K race should not start at 6AM, so I had a hunch that I was late.

And my instincts were right, I was late!  Yes, there was a gun start at 6AM—the 3K!  Well, looking on the bright side, at least I won’t be alone crossing that starting line!  And at least I wasn’t late for the 3K gun start.

The gears

And so the 3K race had begun, with me on it.  I started at the back of the pack so you could just imagine how tough it was for to weave through the crowd.  I don’t want to take so much time with this particular 10K because I don’t really like too much sun exposure, but at the same time I’m not really gunning for a PR.  But my first agenda was to move in front of the 3K pack.

I hate it when I’m at the back of the pack, much more if I’m late, as I tend to do “catch up.”  I was successful in leaving the 3K pack and soon even overtake the tail pack of the 10K, but at the expense of having my first kilometer in 4 minutes!  After that first kilometer I knew I was in trouble of getting exhausted early so I eased up a bit, but ended up finishing the first 5K in 23:20.

One of four stations that give free medical services to race participants

I reminded myself that I wasn’t gunning for a PR, but since I’ve made a decent first half might as well play it out and see how much I could do without really exhausting myself.  So I just ran with a comfortable pace and effort, not really pressuring myself to a PR—if it comes, it comes!

The course of the race was quite interesting as it passed through new routes, but it’s a bit obnoxious as it included some nasty uphills (at around kilometer 7 of the race).  At the 8th kilometer I realized that a PR was imminent!  It was a bit difficult then to convince myself to run faster because of the fatigue and the hills, but imagining a PR when you least expect it is a very good motivation to keep going, and keep it going strong!

Even “Kuya Kim” Atienza joined the event

It’s quite easy to think that a PR is imminent but after running 9K, the last of which involved uphills, it’s quite difficult to execute!  Fortunately I was really driven that time and was in a good mood so after seeing the finish arch for that last segment of the race I took the most I can get and wage war with that clock!  Final outcome, 47:40… officially a new PR!  That’s almost a minute (58 seconds to be exact) off my previous which was set more than 2 years ago.

With these consecutive new PRs that had already achieved this year I came to realize that constant practice really does work, whether it be easy or difficult.  The key is consistency.  I admit that I haven’t done any serious activities to improve my speed, but I run practically every day.  And I usually do just 2.5K easy which serves as my warm up before working out.

And to our surprise, Ms. Venus Raj!

Overall I was quite surprised with the big turnout with this event.  The nature of the advocacies that this race supports attracted people from the health care industry, with medical conditions, and even celebrities who promote a good lifestyle.  There was also a goodie bag for all participants right after the race, aside from all the product samplers and free medical services given in the area.  In the end, all I can say is that it was a real fun run, with a cause, not to mention a very good run.

10K Route

Congratulations to the race organizers and all the participants!  You may view the race results here.

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  1. Mike says:

    Thanks for posting the 10K route map! I was looking for that… they didn’t follow the route posted on the Runrio site at all.


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