Running on Credits

I think everyone will agree with me when I say that racing these days is getting quite expensive.  When I started racing more than two years ago, it was still practical to race every weekend, but lately you’d have to get some dough to do that!  With a number of races having registration fees going beyond ₱1,000, gone are the days of spontaneous registration!  (Who has a spare thousand bucks on their wallet all the time?)

Two years ago, this amount was enough for a month’s worth of races

I remember this one incident when I went to ROX and noticed the race registration “bazaar.”  I thought of signing up for a race, but when I looked at my wallet I realized that I didn’t bring enough cash to afford one!  If you’re like me who’s used to towing along a credit card, bringing a lot of cash is impractical, not to mention risky.  At that time I’d wished that they could just swipe my card and get it over with!

Luckily some creative entrepreneur also realized this frustration and offered a solution: Runners’ Runner is the name.  Originally starting to “run errands” for runners by providing a one stop shop for signing up for races and having their kits delivered to their doorsteps, Runners’ Runner went even further by now introducing credit card payments for their services.  Neat!  Now even couch potatoes can signup for a race without ever having to leave their seats.  All they have to do is go to their website, pick a race, fill in their registration info, select their payment options, and wait for their race packets to arrive in their preferred delivery address.

With all these conveniences, we could manage our budgets and races better, and spend our limited time to training rather than going to ATMs and registration sites.  It also spares us a lot of writing on paper forms (which I dislike) thus eventually saving ink and paper as well—except for the paper (cash) we use for payment of course, so go easy on the credits.  Of course signing up is just the first step, the rest is actually doing the actual running on race day.

Run safe, and swipe responsibly! 😀

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  1. Exactly! 😉 We’ve opened the credit card facility for online transactions. We’ll also make this available for walk-in registrants at RR @ ROX 😉 . Very soon.


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