Work Hard, Run Longer

Just as when all hope seems gone, a silver lining appears out of nowhere—I was totally convinced of a raceless weekend, but behold!  I found myself part of the almost 14,000 runners that ran last weekend’s Run United 2!

As what you may have read in my previous post, I failed to claim my kit for this weekend’s race due to absurd levels of toxicity at work.  Fortunately an angel by the name of Vima “Kulit Runner” came to my rescue and saved me from my demise by having possession of the Golden Fleece, I mean, my race kit!  Practically just hours before gunstart, she advised me to get my kit from her before the race—I was all smiles that I found my running guardian angel. 🙂

I really felt upset of the way my Friday turned out, but as I said before, my friends made it so much better.  As I wrote my post, I was releasing the negativities of that day and reminding myself of the good things that happened—eventually fuelling up my diminishing motivation.  And by the time I was wrapping up my story I was so motivated to run that not having a race or much sleep wasn’t an issue anymore!  I will run!

I guess positive outlook in life really does influence the universe to conspire with you.  Minutes after clicking “Publish” on my “optimized” post, I received the wonderful news!  I got really excited with the unexpected turnaround of events that I wasn’t able to reply to the message, and instead prepared my things to bring and clothes to wear.  It was indeed a recipe for a great weekend race, and I’m grateful to have a “Kulit Runner” as a friend.

To Vima “Kulit Runner,” thank you very much for making my week complete!  I really appreciate what you did for me this weekend!  I’m so thankful that I was able to be part of the milestone that RunRio achieved this weekend.

And now, for my Run United 2 story

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  1. vimz says:

    awwww! i never knew na i somehow “saved the day” for you. parang powerpuff girl lang! hehe. you are most certainly welcome dhenz!


    1. dhenztm says:

      parang fairy godmother of running lang 😀


  2. gail says:

    Nice one! Fairy God mommy! 🙂


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