Shoe Review: Saucony Kinvara 2

One of the shoe brands making a big comeback in the local scene is Saucony, and I was very lucky to have won a pair during its intimate launch.  The first pair that caught my eye was the Kinvara 2, and the rest was history.  Here are my personal accounts about this lightweight minimalist trainer.

Pretty interesting box 🙂


The first thing that would catch your attention is Kinvara 2’s sets of interesting colors.  There are just so many color combinations to choose from so picking just one was really difficult.  Ultimately I had to pick one, and so I ended up with one with a color combination that I seldom have: the one with yellow, black, and orange.

Don’t you just love the smell of new shoes?

After getting over the color, I was so surprised at how light it was.  A men’s size 9 weighs a mere 7.7 ounce!  For reference, that’s just roughly 2 ounces more than a Vibram Five Fingers Sprint!  That’s just insane!

Next were the midsoles.  At first I thought I was designed for midfoot strikers as with other shoes with similar midsoles, but it is not.  Saucony Kinvara 2 is not targeted for any specific foot type as it is practically flat with a mere 4mm heel-to-toe offset.

Finally, the upper which is made from mono-filament mesh that not only makes the shoes very light, it makes it quite breathable.  I would just like to note that I love it having more than the usual amount of reflectorized detailing.

The Test

I only had the chance to run my Kinvara’s in distances not exceeding 10K, so I can’t comment on how it is on long runs or how it fares when it gets wet.  But other than that, I absolutely love it!  It is just insanely light and fits incredibly well.  It’s like wearing a minimalist shoe with all the comfort and support of a regular pair, amazing!  The only thing that kind of looked awkward in the beginning was the “hydrator” located at the back because it’s usually located higher with other shoes, but it works the same, if not better.

The soles are practically flat but because it is quite soft, it bends with your foot with not much resistance.  Running in it actually feels like running in minimalist shoes—with cushioning!  It’s one of those pairs that you can just wear and forget while running.  It is designed as a lightweight trainer, but I actually think it could make a great racer due to its weight.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent fit
  • Lots of color options
  • Price (cheaper now due to the arrival of Kinvara 3)


  • “Slippery” shoe laces


  • 4mm heel-to-toe offset


I honestly cannot think of anything to make this shoe better.  It looks good, it feels great, it’s ridiculously light, and now that the Kinvara 3 is out, its price could only be cheaper.  In fact the only “issue” I had (if I could even call it that) was the lace being a bit too slippery that it sometimes unties on its own, even when doubly laced.  Other than that, Saucony Kinvara 2 is just “perfect.”  I so love my pair that I’m thankful there are so many color options in case I wanted more pairs. 🙂

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For more information about Saucony Kinvara 2, visit

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