Boracay (Mis)Adventures: A Day in Paradise (Part 2)

Rains have been pouring all over most parts of the Philippines when we arrived in Boracay, but heaven must really be on our side as the dark cloudy skies of the past few days had actually cleared up, and we were basking under the tropical sun of Boracay!  What else to do but enjoy the beach!

Remember these folks!

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The clouds may have given way for the sun, but the strong winds were still present making the beach wavy.  It was just about the end of the low tide when we went out of our hotel for breakfast, so walking on the beach was still pleasant.  But because of the not so calm beaches, the once common sand castles were nowhere to be found. 😦

Wavy, but still beautiful
What I fondly call “the great wall of Boracay”
It was set up all along the beachfront as protection from the strong gusts of wind and sand
This is happiness: the feeling of fine sands under your feet

For breakfast we headed to one of the famous local cafés in the island popular for its calamansi muffins, simply known as Real Coffee and Tea Café.

The famous calamansi muffin (must try!)
Naturally, no meal at Real Coffee would be complete without their coffee, but since the sun was shining brightly that day, I opted for an iced coffee 🙂
Toasts with eggs for breakfast
Let me tell you a “secret” the owner of Real Coffee told us: there’s a hook under the table for you to conveniently hang your things so it won’t occupy your seat or table 😉

Travel Tip: If you’re thinking of having Real Coffee’s muffins as “pasalubong” you better order them at least a day ahead.  I also highly recommend their “ultimate muffin.” 😀

After a very nice breakfast, we were off to explore the beaches and of course do some very Filipino tradition of picture-taking. 🙂

With the grotto on Willy’s Rock in the background (tide starting to rise)
One of the numerous lifeguard posts along the beach.  This one bears the provincial symbol.
Another more modern lifeguard post

As we started heading back, the tide was already starting to rise.  Of course we loved walking along the shore but after some time, we eventually got to that rocky part of the beach where the waves were too rough.  We were advised by the lifeguard to walk in that little space emerging out of a wall as the shores at that part were too dangerous—but that was after I already had my minor accident.  My right foot was hit by a log carried by a strong wave which made me almost fall flat on my face.  I was thankful that I only got some bruises and my gadgets didn’t get wet inside my bag.  My camera though which I was wearing by its strap around my neck didn’t left this incident unscathed—it had bumped against the wall as I passed through so now it had some deep blemishes on the body and scratches on the lens cap.

So thankful that this bag which saved my gadgets is surprisingly waterproof!
After that heart-pumping incident, time to cool down with a shake: Jonah’s of course 😀
Really nice, customizable necklaces
More souvenirs
Mini-Eiffel Tower 🙂
Filet Mignon by Valhalla for lunch. No diet. 😀

The rest of the day was spent walking all around the beach and of course taking pictures!  We practically covered the entire span of Boracay’s white beach at least twice during the day.

Walking around D*Mall
Forgot your swimsuits? No problem 😉
The famous sails of Boracay
One of the popular activities in the island, kite boarding
Another majestic view of Boracay.
Really close view of the sands of Boracay
Children of locals playing in the beach
The southern end of white beach
Beyond it are these rocks which does not really look like the Boracay most of us are familiar with
Sunset at the edge of white beach
Heading back for dinner
The moon was quite early to greet us 🙂
This is paradise!

I didn’t realize how many buffets are offered in the island!  From the really affordable to high class, fresh seafood, meat, vegetarian, everyone should find their fix.  There were so many choices in fact that we had a hard time picking where to eat.  And of course aside from good food, lots of great bars dot the island for those who are of legal age of course.  One I could recommend is Juice Bar which serves excellent cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, aside from juice. 🙂

Fresh seafood! 😀

Travel Tip: There’s actually a free tourist map of Boracay!  You may get this from bars and restaurants all over the island.

Free map of Boracay: includes listing of the best bars and restaurants in the island.
This one is from Epic.
Cheers! 😀

As all good things come to an end, so too must this quick vacation.  What I hate is not the fact that I’m leaving the island.  What I hate is the forthcoming long commute!

Boracay (Mis)Adventures:

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  1. Galaxy Note gamit mo rito? Ang ganda ng dynamic range!


    1. dhenztm says:

      Yung iba pero karamihan SONY NEX-5N 🙂


  2. nodayoffs says:

    Nice pics..


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thank you!


  3. Shanine tiamson says:

    Hi! Where did you buy your waterproof bag? Thank you 🙂


    1. dhenztm says:

      It was just a souvenir bag from Pico Sands Hotel


  4. Visit us in our new location at Station 2, on the second floor of Sea World. Hope to see you soon!!


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