Product Review: ID On Me

Everyone knows that emergencies occur when we least expect them, and sometimes getting vital information about the patient outright could mean the difference between life and death.  Some would argue that an ID is enough but in situations when you don’t have your ID with you (like that casual jog for example), how many of us remember to bring “In case of emergency” (ICE) info?  This is where ICE tags are most useful—it provides emergency responders quick access to our vital information in case we needed them.

Currently there quite a handful of ICE tags prevalent in the local market vying for our attention, particularly runners who are often out and about on the streets, sometime during wee hours.  Of course each one is unique in their own way but most of them provide quite a limited amount of info.  That’s where I think ID On Me rises above them all: it provides so much more fields for your info.

An ID On Me bracelet with inserts that come with the package.
Various designs and color options available
How it works

I recently got myself an ID On Me bracelet from its exclusive distributor here in the Philippines for review.  While I do acknowledge the importance of these ICE tags, I was never compelled to buy one because they usually just have enough fields for a contact person and number and not much else.  But the ID On Me goes beyond the basic info: you can have so much more info with you inside these bracelets.  Here are what I thoughts on ID On Me:


  • More “space” to place all the info you want
  • Highly customizable
  • Easily updateable because of the inserts
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively cheap (SRP ₱599)
  • Adjustable and stretchable bracelet fits the smallest to the largest wrists


  • Info isn’t available “at a glance:” you need to open the tag to get the info
  • Tag could be a bit difficult to open
ID On Me inserts (additional inserts sold separately): you can change info easily without having to buy another tag.  The labels are made of Tyvek, a light weight, strong and waterproof material that can’t be easily torn and can also be used for swimming.
An XL bracelet (sold separately)
A Sharpie ultra fine permanent marker (sold separately, SRP ₱65) that can’t be (easily) erased even when wet

Overall, ID On Me is a great option for those who need much more fields included in their ICE tags (i.e. allergies, medications, special conditions, etc.) than the usual etched ICE tags provide.  It is also good for those who want an ICE tag that can be updated easily without having to purchase another one.  And as their website suggests, it’s not just for people: you can have the pendant design for your pets in case they get lost.

For more information about ID On Me visit or

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  1. Great article Dennis and thank you! I agree with you with the cons of the product but let me try to explain it a bit if I may. Just a disclaimer, I am the owner of ID On Me Philippines. 😉

    Cons #1: Info isn’t available “at a glance:” you need to open the tag to get the info
    Our product is actually designed to be like this and there is actually a good side to it. Unlike our other competitors which the information are engraved, information are only available when its needed. You don’t have to worry about exposing your wife/husband’s mobile number to everyone around you.

    Cons #2: Tag could be a bit difficult to open
    I agree to this and this is because we wanted to ensure that water wont enter the compartment. But still, in case water comes in the inserts itself is waterproof. Watch this

    I’m not trying to sound like our product is perfect. I’m just trying to point out other info that we considered before selling this product. If you have any other questions, just post here or contact us. You may visit our site at for more info.

    P.S. We are rebuilding our site and we are planning to release it on March 18, 2013. 🙂

    Kind regards,
    Doms Pantaleon


  2. I believe this is a good product especially for those with kids and love to travel.


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