Syncing Mi Band to Strava

Got a Xiaomi smart band?  Do you want to sync your workouts automatically to Strava?  Fortunately, that’s possible and here’s how I did it with my Mi Band 6.

For this, you’ll need to download the app, Zepp.  This is also from the makers of the Mi Fit app, Huami Inc., and fortunately, you only need to use it to make your smart band and Strava meet.  You may delete it once set up.

Zepp is available in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

Once Zepp is installed, login using the account you used in Mi Fit (or Xiaomi Wear Lite, or whatever app you paired your smart band with).  Fortunately, Zepp allows third party login like Facebook and Google.  Strangely, the options are different whether you use iOS or Android:

Zepp login screen on Android and iOS.

Inside the app, tap on Profile > Add accounts > Strava.  On the next screen that appears, tap on “Authorize” to allow Zepp access to your Strava account.  You may need to login in case you’re logged out of Strava in the device.  You’ll know that the connection is established once you see the button at the bottom of the screen say “Revoke authorization”.  This button is used to disconnect Zepp from Strava.

Your screen should look like this when successfully connected to Strava.
Other accounts you can link with Zepp.

Once that’s set, all your subsequent workouts with your smart band would sync to Strava automatically.  You can even remove the app and it would still work.  Your synced workout would appear in Strava as captured by “Huami Amazfit Pace”.  Unfortunately, I haven’t found any way to sync workouts recorded prior to linking to Strava.

The same running workout as viewed from Mi Fit and Strava. Note of the average pace and calories burned.


Mi Fit computes for the average pace based on the whole workout duration (total elapsed) while Strava takes pauses into account (moving time only), thus resulting in lesser (but arguably, fairer) duration and calories burned, but with faster pace.  Mi Fit’s average pace is seen as “average elapsed pace” on Strava, but they still don’t match exactly as the latter does its own re-calculation.  Other metrics are also sent to Strava (inside “Analysis”) like elevation profiles, cadence, heart rate, etc.

Superimposing heart rate graphs of Mi Fit (line) and Strava (solid). They don’t line-up perfectly but the resemblance is there.

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