Quick Bite: BonChon Chicken’s Bulgogi Noodle Soup

BonChon Chicken is one of my favorite fastfood.   I’ve tasted just about everything in their menu so I’m always excited to see something new.  One of their latest that I haven’t tried is the Bulgogi Noodle Soup which comes in a “regular” and large size.

BonChon Chicken’s “regular” sized Bulgogi Noodle Soup

I wasn’t really that hungry when I opted for a “regular” sized Bulgogi Noodle Soup (₱60).  When my order came in, I was quite surprised with what I saw.  The “regular” size was really, really small, but on the good side it was really delicious!  You must only order this size if you’re having it together with a meal!

To give you a better idea on the serving size

Quick bite is my latest segment: because I love to eat and somehow, some food are worth mentioning! 😀

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