Bohol + Cebu (2014): The “Hungry Birds” of Tagbilaran

We left Panglao Island with smiles on our faces but deep inside us we wished we could stay much longer.  But time was not on our side and we’re off to Tagbilaran to catch our ferry back to Cebu.  Little that we know that the province still has one last pleasant surprise for us.

More on these birds later… 😀

Upon arrival in Tagbilaran, we were off to the Church of Tagbilaran to give thanks for a safe and memorable journey thus far.  But before that, we had to pass beside the Capitol Building of Bohol where the island’s kilometer zero is placed.  Even here, you’re reminded of the recent earthquake, but the damage wasn’t as much as that we saw elsewhere.

See that huge crack on the wall?
The Capitol Building where the kilometer zero mark of the island of Bohol is set

From the Capitol Building, we crossed a park to get to the Church of Bohol.  We noticed something that we haven’t seen before in the area: the presence of doves—lots of them!  But before we got distracted we headed off to the church.

Notice anything?

At first glance, you won’t notice that the church was damaged by the recent earthquake, but if you looked closely on the side you’d realize that the damage was big, just wasn’t that obvious.  Fortunately, the structural integrity of the church remains intact and everything is normal.

If you look closely, the walls on top of the arches are missing
But everything inside is normal
The altar
About the Church

Now it’s time to visit the birds!  We noticed that many of the visitors were feeding the birds.  We looked everywhere if this was prohibited but there’s no sign anywhere of such.  Of course we’d love to have some “bonding” with the “locals” so we thought as well of giving them some treats.  We didn’t have any food with us at the time, but there are local vendors around the park selling some food.  We don’t know if doves normally eat corn as we got some popcorns for them, but nonetheless they seem to like it!

They really love those popcorns!
And they’re not afraid to land on you, wherever, just to ask for food!

It was one unforgettable experience to be “mugged” by birds!  It was crazy!  They’re not in the littlest bit afraid of people, and they’d just follow you, and even land on you, just to get some treats!  I never thought that on our last moments in the province, we’d have the pleasure of such truly delightful, innocent, and fun experience!  I think my biggest smiles in recent memories were because of these birds!

This has got to be one of the most fun moments of my life!

After exceeding our quotas of laughter, we rode a tricycle and headed off to the port of Tagbilaran bound for Cebu.  And this was the missing chapter between our departure from Alona Beach, Panglao, to arriving in the port of Tagbilaran.  Up next lies our adventures in Cebu City!

* * *

Bohol + Cebu (2014)

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