Bohol + Cebu (2014): Eat and Walk Around Cebu

After going around Cebu City on foot the previous day, we were just tired that we woke up practically just to checkout of our hotel.  And on our last day in Cebu City, we weren’t done walking around and eating!  Here’s our last day in Cebu City.  It was a Tuesday.

This spot is starting to become the “mandatory” tourist selfie site 🙂

As with most hotels, checkout time is at 12 noon, which is also lunchtime.  After checking out of our hotel we were off to Ayala Center Cebu, on foot, to check in our bags in another one of my homes, Fitness First.  As much as I would’ve loved to have my work out again in this branch, I just can’t this time as we’re just famished.  As for today’s lunch, we were off near the Capitol to another popular spot, STK Ta Bay!

We found these very delicious and über cheap bibingka just along the street on our way to STK

STK is great for huge groups because most of their food is for sharing.  I wouldn’t miss lukot which is made of seafood soaked in vinegar (better known as kinilaw), and we got to try for the first time their tuna panga (jaw).  As if that weren’t enough, we also had some adobong kangkong for additional vegetables.  Since the flavors of our food varied greatly, buco (coconut) juice was my preferred drinks.

The interiors of STK
If you’re not squeamish I highly recommend this dish called lukot
Tuna panga (jaw)
Buco juice: healthy and perfect with anything 🙂

Afterwards, we were back to Colon to visit Fort San Pedro and nearby attractions.

The entrance to Fort San Pedro
A brief description
The Malacañan of Cebu

Before you know it, it’s time for us to head back to Ayala Center Cebu to do some last minute shopping of “pasalubong.”  It’s time for me again to hoard some dried green mangoes!  To my dismay, prices are always much higher than the last time I bought it.  Prices of dried green mangoes in Metro supermarket is now just a little bit cheaper than those here in Metro Manila so unless you know a much cheaper source in Cebu (try to compare prices in Tabo-an Market), you’re probably better off buying them in Metro Manila.

A typical Cebu City jeepney
It’s a very nice gesture from the management of Metro Supermarket to present tourists (like me) with some cultural shows in the supermarket area itself 🙂
Ayala Center Cebu atrium
The gardens of Ayala Center Cebu

Our last meal in Cebu City just had to be special.  And for that, we were again on foot and back in Cebu IT Park.  For dinner, it was another one of my favorites, Ila Puti.

The very cool Berry Kewl Kiwi
The equally nice Strawberry-Kiwi shake

Ila Puti is an Asian fusion restaurant and the way they fuse these dishes is just so superb!  Prices may be a bit high by Cebu City standards but every centavo is just simply worth it!  Highly recommended if you’re looking for some unique and great tasting food.

The very, very tasty Mex-Cebuano Chicken that I just really, really love!
One of the best sisig I have ever tried: Jan’s Signature Sisig Sizzler

After one of the best meals I’ve had in recent memory, we’re finally off to Mactan-Cebu International Airport.  This is one of my favorite airports in the Philippines because aside from all other factors, they had fast Wi-Fi.  That’s no longer the case during our visit so it’s quite disappointing.  But on the good side, there were no delays with our flight.

Waiting for our flight

Cebu City will always be one of my favorite destinations in the Philippines.  The people are hospitable, there’s so much to see and do, and the food is really great!  It’s just sad to look at some of their gems damaged by last year’s earthquake, but on the bright side they’re not totally destroyed and may still be restored, to some extent, to their former glory.  I just hope though that the local government address the issues with traffic jams as it’s discouraging for tourists to go around.

I got one of the best leg rooms in the plane! 🙂
First time to be in exit row in a domestic flight.

This recent trip to the Visayas is one of those that really exceeded my expectations despite the damages of last year’s earthquake in the region being prominent to this day.  I really liked that despite their ordeal, life moved on, and their faith didn’t tarnish.  They are really quite resilient, and I know that by this time next year, I’ll see these places in a much better shape.  Thank you Bohol and Cebu for the warm accommodations and hospitality!

Good bye Cebu!  See you soon!

* * *

Bohol + Cebu (2014)

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