Quick Bite: Niu by Vikings

One of my highlights for this year’s Blogapalooza was having the opportunity to take a quick tour of one of the newest buffets in Manila, Niu by Vikings.  Here’s a glimpse of what to expect at Niu.

Niu, is the ninth installation of the Vikings group.  Niu also means “nine” in Norse, the language of the Vikings.  Let’s begin this tour with a look at the facilities:

In terms of facilities, Niu looks great.  They even have small rooms for extra privacy for small parties.  There’s a piano in the middle so there’s probably some live pianist playing during store hours.  One thing I noticed though is that they have quite a lot of different chairs!

Let’s now go with the most important part of the tour, food!  We were only offered a small subset of what Niu offers so I can’t tell exactly what food you may expect but according to our tour guide, if you’ve been to Vikings, you already know what to expect.  With the exception of course that the food in Niu used more prime ingredients like foie gras and caviar to name a few (as told by our tour guide).  If you’re like me who don’t have the capacity to eat a lot in one seating, you may want to look for these when you visit.

Moving on to desserts…

And drinks…

And here’s what I was able to try…

I honestly don’t know what the names of these food were, but I do remember that everything tasted great!  I wasn’t able to try any of the desserts or the fancier drinks like sake or wine but I do love their selection of juices which I haven’t seen elsewhere.

As far as pricing is concerned, here are their rates:


  • Weekday Lunch:
    • ₱1,088 + 5% service charge
  • Weekday Dinner, Weekend and Holiday:
    • ₱1,388 + 5% service charge
  • Senior Citizens 75 years old and above: 50% discount


  • Weekday Lunch:
    • Below 3ft or 3 years old: FREE
    • 3ft to 4ft or 3 to 7 years old: ₱288
    • 4ft to 4ft 6” or 8 to 10 years old: ₱488
  • Dinner, Weekend and Holiday:
    • Below 3ft or 3 years old: FREE
    • 3ft to 4ft or 3 to 7 years old: ₱388
    • 4ft to 4ft 6” or 8 to 10 years old: ₱688

Thank you Niu for giving us a sumptuous sampler!  You definitely made my day! 😀

For more information about Niu, visit niu.ph.

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