Ten years ago, this blog silently launched into cyberspace.  It was made simply to keep track of races where we could join, but eventually grew into my running journal, and more!

This blog had become my running diary all these years.  It had seen me progress from a 5K to achieving my dreams of doing a full marathon, and even beyond! It witnessed the steps I took to reach each achievement, along with the hardships and heartaches experienced along the way.

Pouring my heart and my head into this blog has been one of the longest things that I’ve been doing in my life.  And while this online chronicle has seen better days, I’m glad that after all these years, despite the rise of social media, it is still alive.  Blogs may not be as relevant as before as we tend to prefer short posts, and I may be the only one left reading its content, but I shall continue sharing bits of my life here as this is my home online.  One day, when my body is no longer able to the things I write about, I can go back here and relive my younger years.  But until that day, I shall continue sharing my chronicles, one post at a time.

To everyone who have been part of this journey, I sincerely thank you! Thank you as well to those that continue to read even my silliest post! I really applaud the people that still read beyond the headlines, especially long posts! If you are reading this, thank you!

Looking forward to what’s next!

* * *

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