Antipolo Quickie

Antipolo is so close to Metro Manila, I asked myself why I took all these times to visit?  Here are some of the things we did on our quick visit to the city.

Antipolo Cathedral, now also known as the International Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage.

I think it’s easy to overlook places that are close to you that’s why until recently, Antipolo wasn’t a name in our list of places to visit.  In fact, it only went in our radar when the Antipolo Cathedral was declared an “International Shrine” by the Vatican last March 25, 2023.  And so one weekend, we decided to visit the city.

How to get to Antipolo

There are a lot of ways to get to Antipolo from Metro Manila but we found using LRT-2 to be the quickest and most convenient.  Alight from their new terminal station, Antipolo Station, and then enter the connected transport terminal as you exit.  In this terminal, you have the option of riding a van or an electric tricycle directly to the Antipolo Cathedral.  We chose the latter and the fare is just ₱50 per passenger.  Riding the e-trike is a little slow though, especially that Antipolo is located at a high elevation and the road can be steep, but it’s a good way of seeing the sights unimpeded along the way.

If you prefer a more direct route, you could ride a jeepney from Ali Mall in Cubao.

Antipolo Cathedral

The Cathedral was the raison d’etre of our trip to Antipolo.  It was a fairly ordinary weekend so the crowd volume was reasonable, and we were able to enter and attend a mass (standing, of course). 

Inside the Antipolo Cathedral.

Afterwards, we took a look at their shop for some pasalubong.

Just outside the Cathedral is Sumulong Park where kids can play. There are a lot of stores around as well, selling local delicacies, religious items, and a lot of other items.

Cloud 9

We didn’t really have any other agenda with this trip but as we noticed that it was fairly easy to get a ride back to Metro Manila from the area where Cloud 9 was, we decided to stop and catch the sunset.  Cloud 9 is a popular tourist destination in the area known for their hanging bridge and the amazing views of Metro Manila.  They also have a restaurant in their property that have seen better days (cash only basis).

This is the popular hanging bridge of Cloud 9.

We just had some snacks while we watch the sunset and see Metro Manila light up as darkness blankets the area.  Afterwards, we just took a bus, alighted at Masinag (LRT-2 Antipolo Station), and rode the train back to Metro Manila.

Sunset over Metro Manila as seen from the viewing deck of the restaurant of Cloud 9.

It was definitely an afternoon well-spent as we got to rediscover Antipolo—a gem hiding in plain sight if you ask me.  I sure hope to return soon, and next time to hopefully see more of their attractions.

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